Change Log

The Tournament Director Copyright (c) 2004 - 2020 Corey Cooper Version 3.7.2 ====================================================================== Bugs Fixed: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - Updated StatsGenie integration to work with security changes made on - BUG (3.7): Flicker when another app's window overlaps TD window and user closes a TD dialog. - BUG (3.7): "Prize Pool" in dashboard doesn't work. - BUG (3.7): Including player images when exporting data doesn't actually export player images. - BUG (3.7): Some values not saved in Layout Tokens window. - BUG (3.7): Range input doesn't work on Layout Tokens window. - BUG (3.X): Unexpected behavior when dragging layout item to certain parts of the Layout tab. - BUG (3.7): Minor display issue on Events tab. - BUG (3.7): Sorting broken on HTML exports that include players. - BUG (3.7): Volume control can stay muted sometimes when unmute button pressed. - BUG (3.2): Context-menu Start/Stop/Reset clock items are disabled when right-clicking on a player. - BUG (3.7): If a button in the layout has focus, pressing Spacebar presses the button but also toggles the clock. - BUG (3.7): Added ability to translate cut/copy/paste in context menu. - Various other minor fixes. Version 3.7.1 ====================================================================== Bugs Fixed: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - BUG (3.7): Minor display issues on the Screen Properties dialog. - BUG (3.7): Background image selection controls don't show background color when no image is selected. - BUG (3.7): Export on Database tab doesn't export column header alignment properly. - BUG (3.7): Leagues select on Add Players Dialog, Edit Database Player dialog, etc, is enabled when it should not be or disabled when it should not be. - BUG (3.7): Error when pressing layout button for "Select Screen" and "Lock Screen". - BUG (3.7): Exports don't use proper charset designator. Updated to use charset detection and removed charset preference. - BUG (3.7): System context menu options (undo, copy, cut, paste, delete, select all) are blank. - Added "Explore folder" context-menu to all file inputs. Version 3.7 ====================================================================== This is a huge update to the Tournament Director application that I am super excited to finally release! The Tournament Director has been plagued recently by changes to Windows that caused serious stability issues in the TD application. To fix these issues, and to forge a path forward, the code has been transplanted from the Microsoft framework it was originally built upon into Electron, a newer, much more modern framework that is under active development. This change makes the application faster, much more stable, and opens it up to many more possibilities going forward. The software no longer needs Internet Explorer or Windows Media Player. Administrator permissions are no longer required. No more problems displaying file selection windows. And no more "out of memory" errors, black windows, or related problems. Although this release is mainly about transitioning to the new framework, there are a few new features. In addition to the features listed below, there are many user interface changes you'll find throughout the application, as well as many bugs fixed. - Full-screen mode can be toggled at any time. Press F11 (Settings window must be closed). Or right-click and select "Full screen". - No longer need to configure the application to know about your extended/multiple displays. Therefore the "Display Management" category on the Preferences tab has been removed. To move the Game window to a specific display, just take it out of full-screen mode (F11), drag it to the appropriate location, then press F11 to go back to full-screen mode. - HTML5/CSS3 can now be used in layouts, including color alpha channel (transparency/opacity), transitions, and animations. - 18 new screen transitions have been added. - Headers/footers removed from printed items (previously these had to be disabled outside of the TD application in Internet Explorer options). - Direct selection of printer for receipts. Separate printer selection for other items. - Windows screen saver is now automatically disabled while application runs. - Lots of UI improvements throughout the application. - Added player image customizations and rotation. - Added automatic application updating. If a new version is available, it is downloaded automatically and installed when the application is closed. - Application and installer are now signed. This should prevent Windows from warning or preventing installation of the application and updates. - Added a better color picker, which includes alpha channel, HSL options, and better saved colors support. - Enabled font shadow on all layout tokens that have a font attribute. - Bug fixed (3.4): Sort column should change to a visible column when the current sort column is removed on Players tab, Database tab, or Stats tab. - Bug fixed (2.2) "TypeError: Cannot read property 'Name' of undefined" and "TypeError: Cannot read property 'TableUUID' of null" when Undo/Redo button on Tables tab pressed and player has been removed from the tournament. - Bug fixed: Setting currency symbol, decimal point, or decimal comma to empty could cause problems. - Added preference for color format (RGB/HEX/HSL) and added button on color inputs to change format. - Bug fixed (3.4): Some built-in layouts had incorrect settings. - Bug fixed (3.4): Layout scaling is incorrect directly after loading a layout if current screen is a built-in screen. - Bug fixed (3.4): "Name" column on Players tab and Game tab exports Nickname - Bug fixed (3.4): Main font and highlight font on Seating Chart and Serating List pages can get out of sync. - Bug fixed (3.4): On Seating Chart page only background color of highlight font is used on highlighted players. - Bug fixed (3.4): On Seating List page, only background and foreground colors of highlight font is used on highlighted players. - Bug fixed (3.4): Level duration format selection doesn't work on Blinds Schedule page. - Bug fixed (3.x): Name Format dialog doesn't display all formats if using alternate language and language keys for the name formats are not provided. - Bug fixed (3.4): Changing the language numerous times causes a memory leak. - Bug fixed (3.4): "TypeError: Cannot read property 'Display' of undefined" when right-clicking on the Prizes tab. There are similar errors on other pages. Occurs when right-clicking on a deleted row while the row is fading away. - Bug fixed (3.4): "Unseat player" in context menu when right-clicking unseated player on the Tables tab. - Bug fixed (3.1): When adding a Data Store, the prompt to initialize it references a checkbox used to overwrite files, but the checkbox is missing (only shows on the initialize dialog). - Bug fixed (3.0): Memory leak when using <bountyChips> layout token. - Bug fixed (3.4): Layout preview text doesn't resize with application font size. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Known issues: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - No font picker at this time. The font selector lists only the default fonts that are installed with Windows. It does not display any additional fonts you may have installed on your system. But you can still use any installed font. You just need to type the name of the font yourself. - Whenever any dialog window is closed, the last focused window outside of the TD application is redrawn. If the TD window is over that window, the TD window will appear to flicker. The workaround is to make sure to either have no other applications open, or at least make sure the last focused application window isn't underneath your TD window. - When the Game window is in full screen mode, the window's title bar may briefly become visible any time another dialog window is opened or closed. If the Game window is on your main display, the Windows taskbar may also briefly become visible. For multiple display configurations, it is recommended to put the Game window on an extended display. Version 3.4.3 ====================================================================== New Features: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - Added preference for default tournament filename, including tokens for league, season, etc. - Added layout token <nextLevel> - Added "Show player images" checkbox on the Tables tab to quickly enable/disable player images on the Tables tab - Added the ability to use layout tokens in Event messages - Added more animations for Event and Status messages - Added actions for <tdbutton> layout token to open all Settings tabs - Made changes to further minimize Internet Explorer 11 memory leaks ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs Fixed: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - BUG (3.4): Image path is not updated when an image is pasted into an image selection control - BUG (3.4): Cell Properties dialog renders oddly at text size 15 and above - BUG (3.4): Before the tournament is started, inserting a new level before the first level in the blinds schedule will cause the tournament to begin on the second level when started - BUG (3.4): Show Print Dialog preference always resets to checked (true) - BUG (3.4.b3): Error when Status Updates are enabled and "Include paid player information" is enabled - BUG (3.4): Error when double-clicking on a row in the Suggested Rounds dialog table - BUG (3.4): Error when pressing Enter on Level dialog - BUG (3.4): Seating Chart page ignores "Show player images" screen property if any table blueprints are displayed. Version 3.4.2 ====================================================================== New Features: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - No new features since version 3.4.1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs Fixed: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - Fix for Windows Updates KB4054522, KB4054521, KB4053579 Version 3.4.1 ====================================================================== New Features: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - No new features since version 3.4 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs Fixed: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - (3.4) An error is displayed if a player is removed from the tournament before the Players tab is ever displayed. - (3.4) Hotkeys are not saved when exiting the application Version 3.4 ====================================================================== New Features: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - Added "Show system print dialog" preference, which can prevent the system print dialog from being displayed, allowing print jobs to occur without user interaction - Status Updates enhanced with additional information, including player information, and added JSON format - Added UI animations - Updated <tdbutton> and <action> layout tokens to allow triggering of an event - Added <tdbutton> type to open Settings window - Added "percentage" attribute to <timer> layout token - Added the following export tokens: <buyinrake1>, <buyinrakeamount1>, <rebuyrake1>, <rebuyrakeamount1>, <addonrake1>, <addonrakeamount1>, etc, for all defined rakes - Added "roundOff" attribute to <evenchop> token - Added "startAt" attribute to <rankings> layout token - Added <randomPlayer> layout token - Added "Sales Person" column to Players tab and Player Rankings page - Updated "Edit Level" dialog to only show columns displayed on the Rounds tab - Added "Center all columns" to all built-in screens - Added gradient option to all message overlays - Event action "Run program" can now be passed tokens from the event - Added player images - Players, Database, Stats settings tabs - Player Rankings, Seating Chart, Player Movement, Seating List built-in screens - <seatingChart>, <seatingList>, <prizes>, <prize>, <chipLeaders>, <rankings>, <stats>, <bountyWinners>, <hitLeaders>, <inlineRankings>, <playerNames> layout tokens updated - Split Seating Chart screen into Seating Chart and Seating List screens - Added custom sorting to Player Rankings screen, allowing sorting on multiple values - Added <font> message token (helps work around table inheritance bug in Internet Explorer) - All exports and receipts updated to included common tournament information - Added sorting to database export - Added line spacing option to all built-in screens - Added copy/paste (right-click) for fonts, colors, images, borders - Updated Rounds settings tab to allow renaming of columns - Added Rounds tab columns Limit3, Limit4, Limit5, Limit6, Limit7, Limit8 - Added layout tokens <limit>, <limits>, <nextLimit>, <nextLimits>, <labelSmallBlind>, <labelBigBlind>, <labelAnte>, <labelLimit>, <seatingList>, <timeUntil> - Added "roundOff" attribute to all layout tokens that display chip amounts: <chipcount>, <chipcoundadjustment>, <unadjustedchipcount>, <stack>, <smallblind>, <bigblind>, <limit1>, <limit2>, <ante>, <nextsmallblind>, <nextbigblind>, <nextlimit1>, <nextlimit2>, <nextante>, <buyinchips>, <rebuychips>, <addonchips> - Added "omitZero" attribute to <prizes> layout token to prevent displaying prizes with a $0 - Added bountyTotal, usePlayerBountyChips, RestrictBounties formula variables - Added Preview button to Summary tab - Updated Chip Counts dialog to allow for setting chip counts for players who are not bought-in - Updated New Player dialog to retain "Add to database" checkbox status across invocations - Added Notes to each round - Added startup check for offscreen Settings dialog - Added built-in File Browser to fix load/save buttons not functioning issue - Added direct integration with Now tournaments can be uploaded to directly from the Tournament Director application - Added preference to default league selections to <All> instead of league of current tournament - Added built-in layout that doesn't change colors on alternating rounds - Added "Convert" feature on Prizes tab to convert all percentage prizes to fixed prizes - Added startup hotkeys: - Holding down the Shift key while the Tournament Director initializes will reset the Display Management preference and bring any off-screen windows back to the main display - Holding down the Ctrl key while the Tournament Director initializes will reset the font size back to the default size of 10 - Holding down the Alt key while the Tournament Director initializes will reset the language back to the default English language catalog - Added hotkey Ctrl+` (backtick) to maximize the current dialog (as long as the dialog is resizable) - Updated <pointsFormula> layout token to optionally use Points for Playing formula - Overhauled user interface code, which should result in fewer errors from IE - Added preference for font size of Settings window and all dialogs (Preferences tab, Display section) - Added Search feature to search for players on Players tab, Database tab, and Stats tab - Added preference to allow for different player name formats for Game window and Settings window - Changed "Increment by 1 in Simple mode" preference to "Prompt for player count when performing actions in Simple mode" and added sub-preference "Don't prompt for bust-out actions". This allows returning to previous behavior of prompting for number of players to buy-in, rebuy, add-on, etc, while assuming only a single player when busting players out of the tournament (in Simple mode only). - Increased number of places that record player movement in the tournament history (when that preference is enabled) - Rename Columns dialogs updated to only show columns currently configured for display - Added ability to limit the number of players displayed on the Stats tab - Updated Export Layout to warn when images cannot be found on disk - Added "minWinnings" attribute and [winnings] format to <inlineRankings> layout token - Added <buyinFee> layout token - Renamed some layout tokens for consistency: <startingChips> -> <buyinChips>, <buyinPoints> -> <pointsForBuyin>, <entries> -> <buyins>, <buyin> -> <buyinFee>. Old token names will still work. - Added "profileName" attribute to layout tokens <rebuyChips>, <rebuyFee>, <rebuyPoints>, <rebuyRake>, <rebuys>, <addonChips>, <addonFee>, <addonPoints>, <addonRake>, <addons>, <buyinChips>, <buyinFee>, <buyinPoints>, <buyinRake>, and <buyins>. - Added "minPoints" attribute to <inlineRankings> layout token - Updated "connector" attribute for <inlineRankings> layout token to allow for multiple connectors - Added <image> layout token - Added <currentdate> layout token - Added "StartCountdown" <tdbutton> type - Added "number" attribute to <nextbreak> token to allow specification of break # - Added "Copy contents to all other Property Sets" feature on Cell dialog - Added ability to move or delete multiple Screen Sets or multiple Screens on Screen Sets dialog - Added "Swap" button on the Font dialog to swap the text and background colors - Updated formula tooltips to show the value of the selected variable, and added a link to focus on the selected variable - Added "WinCount" Overall Score variable (Stats) - Settings window now sizes based on main display size, instead of 1024x768. - Added "Preview" button to all exports, which displays the exported data in the default browser - Updated Rounds spreadsheet mode so cursor left & right move between fields - Updated Import Players Wizard for clarity - Added buttons to Dashboard for Bust-out, Rebuy, Add-on, Add Players, and New Player - Lots of other tweaks and improvements ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs Fixed: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - (Windows): KB4022719 causes blank pages to print. Fixed using iframe workaround. - (3.2): Undo rebuy, tournament history has placeholder "{2}" - (3.3): Import Players dialog could resize in unexpected ways - (3.0): Suggest rounds dialog sometimes suggests no rounds - (2.0): Chop dialog computations could be incorrect when using Chip Counts method - (?): Restoring a backup (including preferences) doesn't reset the columns on various Settings window tabs - (2.5.2): Some changes made on the Game tab had deferred effects, resulting sometimes in incorrectly displayed pot, prizes, etc. All changes made on the Game tab now effect the tournament state immediately. - (All): Text inputs don't recognize some keystrokes and/or mouse clicks on Windows 10 causes it to swap with the item in row 1 column 1 - (3.0): Dashboard enter/exit animation inconsistent due to screen resolution - (2.0): Using "-" in the Currency Symbol or Decimal Comma or Decimal Point causes problems - (3.1): Screen changes cause memory leak - (3.0): Seating Chart page properties, Vertical Alignment always resets back to "Center" - (2.x): Text inputs slow considerably when inputs contain large amounts of text - (3.2): On the Transactions dialog, error occurs when searching for a numeric value that doesn't match any fields for a player - (3.3): On Edit Player dialog, Leagues input is always empty - (3.0): If Seating Chart page is configured to have background images, the Alerts on the Layout tab will highlight and will show an error parsing the blueprint file - (3.0): Event and status messages sometimes appear in incorrect location and then move to correct location - (2.0): When Auto-save is enabled and the tournament file is read-only, error messages continually appear - (3.2): Pressing ESC or Add Players button from New Player dialog when "Auto seat" is checked will display a dialog warning when there are no empty seats - (3.2): Error shown for Automatic Prizes configuration even when configuration was valid - (3.1): Rounding code uses precision of Amount to be rounded instead of nearest - (3.2): Error can occur when editing multiple transactions - Backing up or restoring with many (1000s) of files can take a long time - (3.0): Variables can be inserted into read-only formulas by double-clicking - (3.0): Buy-in time column on Players tab has time even for players who are not bought-in - (2.?): Seating algorithm can seat locked players at the end of the final table, instead of randomly - (3.2): Rounding for "Average Hits" on Stats tab doesn't truncate to 2 digits past decimal point - (3.2): Clicking on the volume control track (above or below the slider) moves the slider randomly - (3.2): Chip images display via the <chips> layout token are left-aligned while the text is centered - (2.0): Error on Seating dialog when tables have been deleted. Incorrect results when tables have been reordered. - (3.0): Error upon closing Hand Timer window - (3.3): Screen transitions preference and Tournament export preference overwrote each other (fixed in 3.3 patch 3) - (3.0): "Scan sub-folders" in Filter of Stats Profile not respected. Refreshing stats always scans sub-folders - (3.2): Numerous bugs on Layout Conditions dialog - (2.2): Delete button is always enabled on HTML Styles dialog - (3.2): When "Remove Player from Tournament" (context menu) is selected and the player has already bought into the tournament, a confirmation dialog is presented before removing the player. Even if the confirmation is canceled, the player is unseated. - StatsGenie export uses 0 and 1, but should use 0 and -1 - (3.2): Cheat Sheet button on Token Builder dialog closes the dialog - (3.2): Error when renaming a cell and the name of an existing cell is chosen - (3.3): Moving back and forth between Add Players and New Player adds "OK, repeat" buttons - (3.0): Pressing "List" on the Random Player dialog doesn't respect changes to criteria unless "Check" is pressed first - (3.2): League membership isn't shown when editing a player on the Players tab - (3.0): File.getLastModified(...) error in several places - (3.3): "Invalid seat number" error when importing players even when option to seat players not bought-in to the tournament is disabled - (2.0): Chip adjustment accepts negative amounts but becomes positive upon reloading a tournament - (2.0): When dragging items in the Settings window, ESC key should cancel drag, not close Settings window - (3.0): Copying a banner creates another banner with the same name - (3.2): "Clear" buttons missing from Config Files dialog - (3.2): On New Tournament dialog, if 2nd option is the last one selected, then the default tournament is cleared on the Config Files dialog - (3.3): Error on Last Table Balance dialog if a player listed has since been removed from the tournament - (3.2): Issues on Quick Start Wizard - (3.3): Salesperson selection missing from Add-on and Undo Add-on dialogs in Simple mode - (3.2): "Save" button doesn't enable upon loading a tournament - (3.3): Default order is incorrect on Arrange sections dialog of Controls tab - (3.3): Shift-click broken on players dialogs of Stats Profile dialog (used for league and season selection) - (IE): In IE10+, select lists don't update properly, leaving previously selected items still highlighted - (3.3): Some rows listed on same row in Clear Tables dialog - (2.0): Import Players Wizard limits columns to 30 (changed to 100) - (3.3): Error when exporting tournament with no players in it (fixed in 3.3 patch 1) - (3.3): Error on Data Stores dialog (fixed in 3.3 patch 1) - (3.3): Preference "Continue where I left off" does not load last loaded tournament (fixed in 3.3 patch 1) - (3.0): Chip values aren't abbreviated on the Dashboard - (2.5): 'this.getElement(...)' error is various places - (3.2): Overall Scores formula (Stats) variable "topTenCounts" is implemented as "listTopTenCounts" - (3.2): <pointsformula> token should not round values Version 3.3 ====================================================================== New Features: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - The Tournament Director and The Hendon Mob ( are now partners! Completed tournaments can now be sent directly to The Hendon Mob website for inclusion in their poker database. - Added preference "Allow override when add-on or rebuy period is over". Disabling this preference prevents the add-on and rebuy dialogs from showing the "Override" option when the add-on or rebuy period is over. - Added "Upon application start, continue where I left off" preference to automatically load the tournament that was loaded when the application was last exited - Added "Display tournament filename first on title bar" preference - Added "Load this tournament" to context menu on StatsPlayer dialog, for Income and Tournaments sections - Updated Stats tab to allow personal information and Overall Score columns in Single Field view mode - Updated Stats tab to use distinct (editable) columns in Single Field view mode - Added Sum and Average columns and Average row for Single Field view mode on Stats tab - Improved player sorting for player HTML exports. Added sorting to Stats exports. - Allow hiding and rearranging sections on Controls tab - Added <tableCollapseOrder> layout token - Added "showDescription" attribute to <prizes> layout token - Added "startAt" attribute to <stats> layout token - Added option to "Show only players that are still in" to Player Rankings screen - Added a "Clone" button on the Cell dialog that copies the current Property Set as a new Property Set to other cells - Added Ctrl+F (toggle Find) on Insert Token dialog - Modified layout to use no opacity filter if the opacity is set to 0. This is to work around an IE10 bug in which drop-shadows are missing for overlays. IE10 has a bug that prevents more than one filter from rendering, so when the opacity filter is applied, the drop-shadow filter is no longer applied. Still can't use both due to IE10 bug, but if the opacity is set to 0, then the opacity filter is not applied at all allowing the drop-shadow filter to display. - Added a "pop-out" button allowing visible selection of Global Properties for a cell - Updated "Reset Tournament" to allow leaving add-ons and rebuys in place - Updated "Set from Tournament" button on formula dialogs to list player ranks - Tournament History dialog now modeless - Added "Last Played" column on the Stats tab (shows date of player's most recent tournament) - Removed "Filtered" column from Stats Tournament Info dialogs. Status column now gives better status: Invalid, Incomplete, Non-tracking, Omitted, Included - Added formula functions that allow access to profile values: buyinProfileFee(), buyinProfileRake(), buyinProfileChips(), buyinProfilePoints(), rebuyProfileFee(), rebuyProfileRake(), rebuyProfileChips(), rebuyProfilePoints, addOnProfileFee(), addOnProfileRake(), addOnProfileChips(), addOnProfilePoints - Added firstAnteRound, firstAnteAmount formula variables (indicating the first round in which antes are non-zero and the value of the ante in that round) - Added levelDuration, nextLevelDuration formula variables - Added "Quantity" to Add-on/Rebuy dialogs, allowing multiple add-on or rebuy purchases per-player at one time - Added ID column to all player dialogs - Significantly improved matching algorithm for player merging - Added columns "Table Name" and "Seat Number" to the Players tab (in addition to "Seat" column) - Added ability to import "Table Name" and "Seat Number" columns on Players Tab player import - Updated player import wizard to remember last filename - "Add Players to Tournament" and "New Player" dialogs more closely integrated. Ability to switch back and forth between the two dialogs and keep buy-in sittings improved. Already checked players remain checked until OK or Cancel press on the "Add Players to Tournament" dialog - Updated the column chooser dialog to include the ability to save preferred column selections, and sort the list of available columns - Updated Chip Counts dialog to display computed chip count, chip count based on manually entered chip counts, and the difference (deviation) - Updated "Delete Database Players" dialog with feature that allows selection of players based on when they last played (using information on the Stats tab) - Added ability to cache the database. For those with large player databases, this may considerably speed up various player-related tasks. - Allow Data Stores list to be sortable - Updated startup code to rename (and thus preserve) preferences file if it is corrupt - Added an option to the launcher that allows for concurrent instances to run - Added built-in hotkey Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F12 that recenters all open dialogs onto the main display and changes the extended display preference so that all dialogs will now open on the main display (helpful when using the software after having your PC connected to an additional display and dialogs are opening off-screen) - Added "Move to Extended Display", "Move and Size to Extended Display", and "Move to Main Display" buttons to the dashboard - Added "Hide mini-clock" context menu option to all mini-clocks - Added ability to have different templates for receipts for each transaction type (buy-in, rebuy, etc) - Added <chips>, <points>, <fee> (same as <amount0>), and <bountyfee> (same as <amount1>) tokens to receipts - Updated Simple mode bust-out and undo bust-out features to prompt for the number of players (instead of defaulting to a single bust-out or undo) - Added "Jump to" select on Controls tab to be able to jump to any level - Added "Set All" to set all duration times for Screen Transitions - Modified <chipleaders>, <tdbutton>, <chips>, <playernames> to allow specifying of fonts and colors ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs Fixed: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - BUG (3.2): Holding Shift while clicking checkboxes on player dialogs checks all players between clicked checkbox and last clicked checkbox, but was also checking players not visible - BUG (3.2): Tournament History for undoing a buy-in with a bounty chip displayed "-1" instead of the bounty chip cost - BUG (3.2): Can't load tournaments saved with version 1.x - BUG (3.2): The Test Formula for Range dialog should not have a value in the "Difference" column of final row - BUG (3.1): Player paging on Players, Database, and Stats tab can be incorrect (appear as if players are missing) with large numbers of players - BUG (2.x): Importing players on Players tab doesn't set 'tournament modified' flag - BUG (3.0): Column headers on Rounds, Prizes, Events, Chips, and Hotkey tabs don't reload on language change - BUG (3.2): Tournaments Information dialog (on the Stats tab) sorts incorrectly - BUG (3.2): Import of players doesn't import ID column (fixed in 3.2 patch 4 and 3.2.1 patch 3) - BUG (2.3): Error occurs when a rake is selected for Single Field view mode on the Stats tab - BUG (3.2): Underline not supported for Status column on Players tab - BUG (3.2): Error occurs on built-in screens on some layouts saved with older versions of the software - BUG (3.2): The <pointsforplaying> layout token should not round values (fixed in 3.2 patch 3 and 3.2.1 patch 3) - BUG (3.2.1): An error can occur when the Help Dialog is opened (fixed in 3.2.1 patch 2) - BUG (3.2): Buy-ins, rebuys, and add-ons cannot use negative Points values (fixed in 3.2 patch 2 and 3.2.1 patch 1) - BUG (3.0): A change to the layout doesn't set the 'tournament modified' flag when the preference to save layouts with tournaments is enabled - BUG (2.0): Buying a player in automatically sets his/her chip count to the number of chips received at buy-in instead of adding to his/her current chip count, when the "Automatically update players' chip counts" preference is enabled. This rendered the import of Chip Count (added in 3.2) useless since the subsequent buy-in wiped out the imported Chip Count. - BUG (3.2): Preferences "Buy-in players now is checked by default", "Auto seat is checked by default", and "Paid in full is checked by default" are set by their respective checkboxes on the Add Players to Tournament and New Player dialogs but should not be (fixed in 3.2 patch 6 and 3.2.1 patch 6) - BUG (3.2): Preferences "Auto seat is checked by default" and "Paid in full is checked by default" are set by their respective checkboxes on the Buy-in Players dialog but should not be (fixed in 3.2 patch 7 and 3.2.1 patch 7) - BUG (3.2): "Sum" column listed as an available column for export on Stats tab, but shouldn't be - BUG (3.2): Exporting to CSV can error if first column data is a number and column headers aren't included - BUG (2.x): When the Screen Saver suppressor is enabled, focus can be removed from the Game window (which makes it appear that hotkeys aren't working) (fixed in 3.0 patch 19, 3.1 patch 8, 3.1.1 patch 8, 3.2 patch 5, and 3.2.1 patch 5) - BUG (all): When using IE10, hotkeys can temporarily stop working, until a mouse click on the Game window or Settings window. (fixed in 3.0 patch 19, 3.1 patch 8, 3.1.1 patch 8, 3.2 patch 5, and 3.2.1 patch 5). This is an IE10 bug and there may be other areas of the application that will need attention. - BUG (all): When using IE10, screen changes in the Game window can cause focus to move to the Game window even if a dialog is open above it (fixed in 3.0 patch 20, 3.1 patch 9, 3.1.1 patch 9, 3.2 patch 6, and 3.2.1 patch 6, and 2.5.15) - BUG (3.0): Error "EmailAddressesFormat is null or not an object" when exporting email addresses - BUG (3.1): Backup doesn't include preferences file (fixed in 3.1 patch 8, 3.1. patch 8, 3.2 patch 5, and 3.2.1 patch 5) - BUG (3.0): Error if displaying Rake column (for 2nd or greater rakes) on Players or Stats tab, after removing rake from preferences - BUG (3.2): Player dialogs can open with no players listed until the "Find" section is opened with Ctrl+F - BUG (3.2): Changing the visual properties of hand timers only changes properties of one hand timer (if more than one hand timer window is currently open) - BUG (3.2): 10s are 0-padded for various layout tokens using the format="HHMMSS" attribute - BUG (3.2): The <clock> layout token description indicates that it uses the HHMMSS format but does not - BUG (3.0): Column name doesn't render properly on Stats tab Single Field view mode for a tournament with no Event Name - BUG (3.2): Tooltip tournament path incorrect (Stats tab View Player dialog) - Added code to prevent various random layout errors Version 3.2.1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs Fixed: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - (3.2): Players rankings are reversed - (3.2): Some controls on Preferences tab don't update properly on language change Version 3.2 ====================================================================== New Features: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - Added Layout Scaling. This allows the layout to be scaled to most screen sizes - Added "Transactions" dialog, for viewing and editing all tournament transactions (Buy-ins, Rebuys, Add-ons) - Transactions now store Receipt number, so receipts can be recreated/reprinted for any transaction - Buy-in, Rebuy, and Add-on Profiles added - Added button on Player Movement dialog to allow setting of the dealer buttons; also added button on Tables tab and a hotkey to allow accessing this dialog - Added a currency symbol preference for chips - Column sort information for each Settings tab now saved as a preference - Added seating moves to the tournament history, and a preference for enabling/disabling - Added option to Buy-in players on the "New Player" dialog - Added new layout screen type "HTML", which is a free form HTML page with embedded layout tokens - Added "Built-in" layouts, a dialog making it easy to choose from any of the layouts that come with the TD software - Added new layouts: Default layout built for 1920x1080 screens, Emily's Delight, and Abstract Layout by Stuart Murray - Modified all layout tokens with the clock "format" attribute to allow more flexible time display options - Added <stats> layout token - Formula and Condition dialogs now have a Cheat Sheet button, which opens a page in your default browser with complete documentation on formula variables, operators, and functions - Added dozens of points and condition formula variables - Added over 100 new Overall Score formula variables - Added formula functions index(), triangle(), setListLength(), totalForRake() - Added preference for Strict searching. When enabled, searches match all words entered. When disabled, searches match any words entered - Help tab reworked - Modified tables to adjust columns visually - Exiting the application no longer prompts for confirmation if the Windows close button is pressed, since a bug in Internet Explorer causes the application to exit regardless of how the user answers the confirmation - Added confirmation dialog when ESC key pressed on certain dialogs - Added example files for Status Updates feature - Added a preference to hide the "Print" button on the Player Movement dialogs (defaults to hide) - Added method to override file locations for preferences and datastore configuration files - Changed all appropriate path inputs to indicate when paths are not found - Reworked context menu in Game window to be more consistent across screens and at different times in the tournament - Added Print options on Summary tab and Summary export - Overhauled Extended Display tool (now Display Management) - Drag and drop to arrange dual displays - Added new options for opening dialogs (on Main display, on Extended display, etc) - Added profiles for storing different extended display configurations (good for laptops that get connected to different displays) - Added hotkeys for moving and sizing Game and Settings windows - Save the tournament automatically on exit if auto-save is enabled (previously the software asked upon exit) - Added "New Season" and "New League" options to League and Season drop downs on Game tab - Changed font dialog to display font list using the corresponding font (and a preference for font size or disable) - Added a preference to save receipts in the same folder as the tournament file - Added hotkey action to reload the player database; useful when multiple instances of the software are accessing the same database (but not supported!) - Added navigation arrow buttons to Settings window tabs (controlled by a preference, off by default) - Overhauled Name Format preference dialog and added additional name formats - Added hotkey Shift+Ctrl+Alt+R to "restore" a dialog back to the center of the main display - "Tournament Saved" dialog removed - Added Status columns to Add Players to Tournament and Buy-in Players dialogs - Updated Add Players and New Player dialogs so that switching between the two remembers all entered information - Added Auto Search preference for player dialogs (searching happens as typing occurs in Find input) - Added preference to restrict adding of new salespeople at time of transaction - Added button to switch to the "Add Players" dialog from the "New Player" dialog - Added button to check all non-conflicting players on Add All Players to Database dialog - Overhauled Import Players feature: - Better matching on existing players - Tooltips give reason a player name is designated as a conflict - Allow editing a player before importing - Added ChipCount as an import field for player import - Added shift+click to check multiple players at a time on all player dialogs - Rakes now enumerated on transaction editing dialogs - Added Fade to Black and Fade to White screen transitions - Updated Property Set editing to better visually indicate when properties are disabled - Creating a new cell automatically opens the Cell Properties dialog - Overhauled the Hand Timer: - Hand Timer can now be styled - Added tenths-of-a-second display - Made timer more responsive and accurate with respect to the start/stop button - Added context menu options to set, reset, and change properties - Insert Token dialogs now have a Cheat Sheet button, which opens a page in your default browser with complete documentation on all layout and/or event message tokens - Worked around a bug in Internet Explorer that causes the layout to not update properly in certain circumstances - Added built-in layout "Minimalist" - Made Toolbox on Layout tab resizable - Added preference to not stylize the layout preview on the Layout tab - Added a Filter to the Toolbox on the Layout tab - Added <bustsUntilFinalTable> layout token - Added <pointsFormula> layout token, which is a far more flexible replacement for <pointsForPlaying> - Added <action> layout token that allows one to add actions to HTML elements in a layout - Added <progressbar> layout token - Added <chipCountAdjustment> and <unadjustedChipCount> layout tokens - Added "format" type "ordinal" (1st, 2nd, etc) to <expression> layout token - Added "roundOff" attribute to <prizeMoneyLeft> and <expression> layout tokens - Added "variables" attribute to <expression> layout token - Added "rakeName" attribute to the <totalRake> layout token - Added "type" attribute to <prizes> token to display only prizes of a certain types - Added "counts" attribute to the <chips> layout token - Added "index" attribute to <playerNames> layout token - Added ability to override the prize amount displayed in the Game window (good for creating a prize as a portion of the prize pool, but advertising the prize as something else, such as a seat in another tournament) - Updated Prizes tab to indicate when prizes have been overridden or adjusted (by *) - Added some text to the Chops dialog on the Prizes tab to distinguish it from the Chop dialog - Made columns configurable on Prizes tab - Added rankings to "Tournaments" section of Stats Player dialog - Allow viewing/editing player leagues from Stats Player dialog - Added all player detail columns to Stats tab (First name, Last name, and Nickname were the only columns available in previous versions) - Added "Load this tournament" on the Stats Info dialog - All import/export dialogs have been reworked for simplify them and make them more intuitive, including selection of the export template directly from the export dialog (instead of changing the template from the Preferences tab) - Standardized all exports. A common set of export tokens are now available on all exports - Added link to all export dialogs to view the export file in Windows Explorer. This feature was already in the Backup dialog, but was changed so that the export file is selected when Windows Explorer opens - Added <gametype> and <gamename> export tokens to all exports (uses first level of rounds schedule) - Updated tournament export to allow exporting at any time, not just after tournament is complete - Made export tokens case-insensitive - Added <seat> export token to Receipts export (table and seat) - Changed <timestamp> export token to always be date and time stamp (not controlled by a preference); added <preftimestamp> export token to conform to preferred date and time format - Highlighting a variable, function or operator in a formula or condition now opens a tooltip explaining what the highlighted text represents - Added "bustsUntilMoney" and "bustsUntilFinalTable" formula/condition variables - Added "lastScreenChangeTime" formula/conditions variable - Added context menu options on Tables tab to seat an unseated player randomly at any table, and to seat an unseated player randomly at a specific table - Don't prompt for a label when making a seat unavailable; just use the last label entered - Added option to highlight multiple tables when exporting tables - Added preview when selecting a table blueprint - Added context menu options for marking or clearing unavailable seats on Tables tab - Added Event action "flash" that flashes the screen - Added <points> and <prizepoints> event message tokens - Added an event trigger for "tables are consolidated" and <tablesconsolidated> event message token - Changed the "Omit" column to "Disabled" on the Events tab ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs Fixed: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - (2.X): Sorting by Buy-in Time column on Players Tab doesn't work - (2.x): Permission Denied error sometimes when closing the Help window - (3.0): Some large font sizes cause Font dialog to render incorrectly - (3.0): Cursor down in a combo box causes the highlighting to blink - (2.x): If the dealer button is set to a non-valid seat, a table balance can cause the application to lock-up - (2.x): Deleting a seat from the context menu doesn't move the dealer button appropriately - (2.x): Inserting a seat from the context menu doesn't move the dealer button appropriately - (2.x): Editing a table removes the dealer button - (3.x): When creating a new tournament (Game tab), if "Create a new tournament from scratch" is selected, the tournament is created using the file selected in the "Create a new tournament using the following saved tournament as a template" path (if nothing in the path, then the new tournament is actually was created from scratch) - (2.x): Math rounding errors in some prize calculations - (3.0): On undo receipts the bounty chip amount isn't negated - (3.0): Undo receipts use the same receipt number and thus write over the existing receipt file - (2.5.6): Deleting a repository in the Data Stores dialog can change the Active Data Store selection - (3.0): When tournament is in progress, switching to Simple mode, then back to Track Players mode causes all player statuses to display "Game Over" until the Players tab is refreshed - (2.x): Cursoring down in a ComboBox with no entries sets the value to "undefined". Clicking the down arrow icon after doing this causes an error - (2.x): When importing sounds, if no sounds are found the OK button still attempts to validate the selection and complains since no items are checked - (3.0): Selecting "Screen properties" from Game window context menu when no custom screens exist does nothing - (3.0): If "Use the estimated pot in place of the real pot" is checked on the Estimate Pot dialog on the Prizes tab, the rake is calculated using the estimated pot info even if the "Use an estimated pot on the prizes tab" and "Use an estimated pot in place of the real pot" are unchecked - "Add to database players in the current tournament" doesn't find conflicting player IDs - Built-in screens can sometimes stop auto-scrolling when a sound is played - Hand timer doesn't obey "Save dialog locations" preference - (3.0): When the tournament starts after a countdown the clock is set to the duration of the 2nd round instead of the 1st (fixed in 3.1.1 patch 3) - Creating a new Layout does not reset the layout filename - (3.0): Status updates POST method doesn't include "Content-type" header (fixes use of $_POST array in PHP) - (2.0): <tdbutton> "image" attribute cannot use relative paths for the image - (2.0): Column values can wrap on Player movement dialogs - (3.1): Insert Token dialog search has multiple issues and sometimes causes an error - <rankings> token shows fractional hits even if "Show hits as whole number" preference enabled - (3.0): OK and Apply buttons on Prize dialog does not always save/apply the prize - Copying the Default Status Message Property Set or Event Message Property Set causes an error - (3.0): Changing a prize from Fixed to Non-monetary doesn't reset computed prize value (fixed in 3.0 patch 15, 3.1 patch 4, and 3.1.1 patch 2) - Sometimes wrong options listed when changing table size of table with players already seated - Player seating at tournament start listed in Tournament History when in simple mode - (2.6.b3): Default Automatic Prizes configuration counts buy-ins, rebuys, and add-ons, instead of just buy-ins - (3.0): "Rebuy player" context menu option is missing from Game window when in Simple Mode - (3.1.1): <inlineRankings> layout token doesn't display when any player busted out without a hitman (fixed in 3.1.1 patch 1) - (2.5.12): Loading a tournament doesn't clear the Tables Tab undo stack Version 3.1.1 ====================================================================== New Features: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - Added "Remove player from tournament" context-menu option on Tables tab ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs Fixed: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - (3.1): "Object doesn't support this property or method" error on start up - <inlineRankings> token only displays busted players (winner isn't displayed after tournament is over) - (3.1): Error on Seasons dialog when selecting a Default Season (fixed in 3.1 patch 1) - (3.1): Prize dialog doesn't recognize Recipient Override when Recipient set to Manual (fixed in 3.1 patch 2) Version 3.1 ====================================================================== New Features: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - Added abbreviateChips attribute to all appropriate layout tokens, allowing for the individual override of the "Abbreviate large chip values" preference - Added "base" argument to the formula "log()" function - Added option to force overwriting of files when initializing a Data Store - Added notification in News section when a patch has been downloaded and a restart is required before the patch will be applied - Added options to include images, sounds, receipts in backups - Updated AutoFormat name field feature to capitalize letters after dashes - Added audio controls to Import Sounds dialog - Added player names to context menu options on Database tab - Fixed "Delete database player" confirmation dialog (showed player's nickname, not "name" field; if nickname was blank, it showed nothing for the name) - Added <eventname> token (alias of <title>) - Added Patch Info dialog (Preferences tab) - Modified dialogs with player names to allow typing of names to jump directly to the typed name - Added a preference to display Hits as a whole number - Added a search feature to the Insert Tokens dialog ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs Fixed: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - (3.0): rebuysSecondsLeft and addonsSecondsLeft conditions variables do not include the time of the final round in which rebuys or add-ons are allowed - (3.0): The following layout tokens do not properly cache their value and as a result, if the same token is used twice on the same screen, but using different attributes, they will display the same value: <round>, <nextgametype>, <nextgamename>, <nextsmallblind>, <nextbigblind>, <nextlimit1>, <nextlimit2>, <nextante>, <rebuyinfo>, <addoninfo>, <bountytotal>, <actionsummary> - (3.0): screen transitions sometimes stop if a sound is played during the transition - (3.0): Error dialog: Invalid argument. (GameTab, TournamentPage: 908) - (3.0): Error dialog: Unable to set value of the property 'scrollLeft': object is null or undefined (GameTab, SchedulePage: 1) - (3.0): Error dialog: 'document.getElementById(...)' is null or not an object (GameTab, SchedulePage: 1) - (3.0): Error dialog: ContextMenu is null or not an object - (3.0): Error dialog: 'this.HelpDialog.Win.closed' is null or not an object (GameTab, SchedulePage: 581) - (3.0): Prizes tab -> Automatic -> Configure -> Override -> select prize level -> OK -> OK: prize list is updated but computed prize values are $0 - (3.0): Players tab -> Buy in with Auto-seat enabled, then Cancel on Auto-seat confirmation dialog: prizes in Game window are not updated - (3.0): Resetting the tournament doesn't disable Auto-save (but it did in previous versions) - (3.0): Stats tab -> Edit Profiles -> Edit Tournament Score formula, resizing Points Formula Dialog errors when editing the Default profile (not when editing any other profile) - (3.0): Player not added to Unseated Players when an occupied seat is deleted on Tables tab - (3.0): Run stats, then delete a Database player, then change the Name Format (Preferences tab), error dialog when returning to Stats tab - (3.0): Sort by table/seat on the Seating Chart screen sorts alphabetically (so Table 1 Seat 10 sorts before before Table 1 Seat 2), should sort alphabetically by table, then numerically by seat - (3.0): numberOfLeagueMembers alias "nm" not implemented - (3.0): Error can occur when backing up or restoring data - (3.0): Edit Sound dialog on Events tab errors when OK or Cancel button pressed (fixed in 3.0 patch 1) - (3.0): Add Players to Database dialog (Players tab -> Database button -> Add to database players in your current tournament button) errors when OK button pressed and any players are checked (fixed in 3.0 patch 2) - (3.0): PAUSED message flashes on mini-clock during countdown to a specific time if the Auto-size screen function is selected (fixed in 3.0 patch 3) - (3.0): Rounding errors can occur in computed prize amounts (fixed in 3.0 patch 4; further enhanced in 3.1) - (3.0): Error when some tournaments are loaded (fixed in 3.1 patch 5) - (3.0): Level duration format always 1h 30m format on Blinds Schedule page regardless of format setting (fixed in 3.0 patch 6) - (3.0): Importing players on the Players tab when the list of players is currently sorted by Status will error (fixed in 3.0 patch 7) - (3.0): Renaming a column on the Stats tab when the player list is not displayed will error (fixed in 3.0 patch 7) - (3.0): When buying players into the tournament from the Players tab, and Auto Seat is enabled, the player list is updated before the seating occurs, thus the "Seat" column is not updated for the player(s) (fixed in 3.0 patch 8) - (3.0): Error when players on the Players are sorted by the Hitman column and a player was busted out with no hitman (fixed in 3.0 patch 9) - (3.0): Highlighting moved players on the Seating Chart screen doesn't work in Diagram mode (fixed in 3.0 patch 10) - (3.0): Merge Game Players dialog (Players tab -> Database button -> Merge players ... button) does not work (fixed in 3.0 patch 11) - (3.0): Adding players to the tournament from the Database tab then selecting the Players tab when the list of players is currently sorted by Status will error (fixed in 3.0 patch 12) - (3.0 patch 12): Adding players to the tournament from the Database tab no longer highlights the added players in red (fixed in 3.0 patch 13) - (3.0): Error occurs when editing Global Properties and there are no screens defined - (3.0): If "Minimum chip value" (for abbreviating large chip values) preference is set to a value less than 1000 no chips are abbreviated - (3.0): StatusUpdates: GET method doesn't add "?" to end of URL (before query arguments) - (3.0): StatusUpdates: Destination: (Last Attempt and Last Successful Attempt) are improperly encoded Version 3.0 ====================================================================== New Features: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - Auto-save is now a preference, and behavior is controlled by the preference (can remain on after loading a tournament, can warn you about overwriting results from previously-run tournaments, etc) - Chop dialog now recognizes negative relative rankings numbers (allows for easily moving a chopped player to a higher rank) - Added option to use an Estimated pot instead of the actual pot - Added a sound player to the Controls tab - Clicking on a time on the Controls tab will toggle its format - Added tournament status to Controls tab (Clock section) - Updated Countdown dialog to allow starting of the countdown if the tournament is not considered "ready" - Added options to the Countdown dialog to specify what to do at the end of the countdown (stop, start the tournament, start the tournament with the clock paused) - Countdown dialog now gives option to start the clock immediately or pause the clock - Updated League and Season dialogs and added ability to make a copy of an existing league - Categorized controls on the Database tab - Added Delete Player dialog to Database tab - Updated League Membership dialogs to show more player information - Added ability to select a default league and/or season. This sets the league and season when a new "from scratch" tournament is created - Added context-menu option for removing a player from a league (Database tab) - Added ability to ad-hoc fire events - Added an Event Action to launch an external program - Added a "Used by" button to the Sound dialog (indicating which events use the sound) - Added a line through descriptions for disabled events - Added <winner> token to TournamentEnd event trigger - Added Mute capability to volume controls - Added export token <notes> on Tournament and Summary tabs - Added "Omit duplicates" checkbox to export email addresses dialogs - Added "Max Players" option for Game, Players, Database, and Stats exports - Changed Email Addresses export option (Players tab and Database tab) to view results in a text dialog first, with the option to save to a file (no need to actually save to a file if you just want to copy/paste the results) - Added <eventdate> token to Tournament Export (exports just the date of the event; does not include time) - Added <startingchipstack> token to Tournament Export - Overhauled formula variables system and all formula and condition dialogs - Added a lot of new formula and conditions variables and made all available variables consistent across the application - added "roundToNearest()", "roundUpToNearest()", and "roundDownToNearest()" formula functions - Added a preference to automatically start the hand timer when opened - Added sorting to Hotkeys tab - Added hotkey for "Auto-size tournament screen" - Added a preference to enable full use of Hotkeys on tabs that don't have input fields - Revamped Hotkey selection to allow selection by simply pressing Hotkey combination - Added Tournament History as a Hotkey action - Layout tab overhauled - Added drag-and-drop, and cut/copy/paste ability to layouts - Added option to change the preview size for layouts - Updated View For dialog to be able to give far more specific tournament conditions for which to view a screen - Added ability to import an exported layout into the current Data Store - Added an option to sort listing by table/seat on Seating Chart screen - Added layout screen transitions - Added ability to "stretch" screen background images - Updated Table Images dialog to show an error when the image for a table blueprint cannot be found - Added "Hide scrollbar" option for all built-in screens - Added "Suppress for Event messages" option for Status Messages (hide status messages when an event message is displayed) - Added warning text to Borders dialog if borders are currently overridden - Added preferences for saving layouts with or without tournaments and for what to do when loading a tournament that contains a saved layout - Added "Omit previous levels" option on the Blinds Schedule screen - Changed "Show only busted out players" option on Players Rankings screen also show 1st place (who never technically busts out) after the tournament has ended - Added table vertical alignment option for Seating Chart screen (Diagram mode) - Added a preference that displays a number on each item in the Toolbox on the Layout tab indicating in how many places the item is currently in use - Added "New Cell" context menu option to items in the toolbox (as it was, the user had to right-click between cells or on the Toolbox label to see the option) - Added Reset button to View For dialog on the Layout tab - Add option to control spacing between tables on Seating Chart screen - Optimized a lot of tournament screen updating code - Added feature to import components from other Layouts - Added Layout Design Mode - Cells simplified to use only Property Sets. Property Groups removed - Added Advanced conditions to allow formula-style conditions for Property Sets and Screen Sets (basic conditions still available) - Added Layout screen property "stretch" - "Add Token" dialog now displays token code as the token is being defined - Added "Used by" button to Global Properties Dialog - Auto-resize feature now adjusts everything, not just visible components - Added Seating Chart Screen option to set table width - Added Seating Chart Screen option for multiple columns in List mode - Added new table blueprints - The database, preferences, tournaments, and templates are now saved in a new format - Major rewrite of all underlying object code, dialog code, and UI code. This means more reusability, more consistency in UI elements, faster development time, more stable code. - New Tournament dialog now gives option to use any saved tournament as a template - Default filename provided for new tournaments - Added feature to shift the time of a tournament (useful when the PC clock was incorrect) - Added tournament Dashboard - Added a Windows screen saver suppressor - Tournament files (.tdt) are now associated with the Tournament Director application. Double-clicking a Tournament Director tournament file in Windows Explorer will now start the Tournament Director and open the selected tournament automatically - Added BountyKept value to players for Stats Genie export - Added feature to add all players in a tournament to a league, or remove all players in a tournament from a league - All player dialogs now save their sorting configuration - Added setting to give fractional hits when more than one hitman is designated - Added preference for skipping the player movement dialog when Auto Seating players - Added Rank column to the Undo Bust-Out dialog (assists in locating the last busted-out player when the wrong player is accidentally busted out) - Updated Find feature to also search player Internal ID - Added "Auto format name fields" option to Player Details dialog - Added "New Player" button to the "Add Player" dialog - Added "(Gave up bounty chip)" indication on Game Player dialog Tournament History section - Added ability to add-on or rebuy any player (including ineligible players) - Added a preference to automatically perform an action upon searching within a player dialog (such as Buy-in Players, Rebuy players, etc). When this option is enabled, and a search returns exactly one match, the action is automatically performed. This will help to streamline card reader/barcode scanner integration - Added a color-coded Status column to the Players tab (colors, text controlled by preference) - Added a preference to hide the Rake line when buying players into the tournament (various dialogs) - Updated Adjust Rankings dialog to use more appropriate bust-out times when moving the bust-out of a player - Player hits can now be adjusted - Exposed the player Internal ID field - Added ability to specify more than one hitman for a player bust-out - Game Player dialog overhauled - Added Status Updates feature which sends the current state of the tournament to a file or a URL at specified intervals - Added preference to control which player fields are searched on Database tab and on player dialogs - Added preference for default character set (for printing or exporting to HTML) - Added preference to "auto print" (force the "Print" dialog to confirm the print operation) - Added "Apply" button to Name Format dialog - Overhalued Config Files dialog (preferences). Default files can now be set for all templates, in the same way a default tournament can be set - Redesigned Preferences tab to reduce clutter - Added preference to abbreviate chip values - ID field added to Name Format custom option - Updated Automatic Prizes feature to allow level selection by any combination of buy-ins, rebuys, and add-ons, or by the use of a formula. Added ability to override the automatic level selection - Updated Automatic Prizes and Prize Suggestions features to allow setting the config file from the dialog - Added rake data to receipts - Added preference to specify for which type of transactions to print receipts - Added a warning when loading a Rounds template will cause the round to change - Added "Last" and "Bubble" stat/column (Stats tab) - Added guidance text to Stats tab - Made some tournament load optimizations to make refreshing tournaments for stats faster - Added columns "4th" through "10th" on Stats tab - Added columns "Rank" and "Hitman" to Stats tab Single Field view mode - Added Print option to Stats export dialog - Added player ID column to the Stats tab - Updated the Stats refresh code to prevent reloading some tournament files when not necessary - Updated Info dialog on Stats tab to sort by columns, arrange columns, and omit tournaments that did not pass the filter - Added preference (on Stats tab) to omit the Sum and Avg lines - On Stats tab in Single Field View mode, tournaments are now sorted by start date/time - Stats tab now uses Profiles. Tournament file location now specified in profile and not on Preferences tab. Currently selected profile displayed on Stats tab - Stats Player dialog overhauled - Changed preferences on Tables tab into tournament settings, and added preferences to determine their default values - Added Tables tab setting to automatically accept movement suggestions - Added "Hide empty tables" option to Tables tab - Changed "New Tables" to "Add Tables" and now creates enough additional tables to seat all players - Added Quick buy-in player context menu option to Tables tab - Quickly set the dealer button on the Tables tab with middle mouse button - Reworked player drag-and-drop on the Tables tab. Player name now placed to right of cursor, to make it easier to tell where the player will be dropped. The table list will automatically scroll now when dragging a player (when the list is taller than the window size). Player names fly-back when drop is invalid. Dropping player on table name seats player in first available seat. - Tables tab now renders tables dynamically according to window width - Removed case-sensitivity from layout tokens and attributes - Added "offset" attribute to <round> layout token - Added "showName" attribute to <prize> layout token - Added <actionsummary> layout token - Added <file> layout token - Added "tooltip" attribute to <tdbutton> layout token - Added "player" attribute to <expression> token, allowing the expression/formula to have variables for a particular player - Added <bountychipcount> layout token - Added "Compress seating" and "Select screen by name" <tdbutton> actions (and hotkey for "Select screen by name") - Added "omitAwarded" attribute to <prizes> token to omit already awarded prizes - Added "defaultText", "pastText", and "useNone" attributes to <roundbeforenextbreak> token - Added <timer> layout token which displays a pie-chart style countdown timer - Added <tdbutton> layout token type to play a sound - Added <roundbeforenextbreak> layout token which gives the round number just before the next break - Added new actions for layout token <tdbutton>: set all level times, set clock, reset clock, mute - Added [points] to layout token <inlinkrankings> - Added <expression> layout token - Added "break" attribute to <duration> layout token - Added "expand" and "outline" attributes to <tables> token - Added <playernames>, <evenchop>, <prizemoneyleft> and <prizepointsleft> tokens - Added "link" attribute to <tdbutton> token in token descriptor (attribute was already there, but not displayed in the "Add Token" dialog) - Added context menu options and hotkey actions to maximize/restore the Settings window - Context menus can now be navigated using cursor and Enter keys - Added player names [back] into context menu operations - Changed the "Stop" button on the floating clock to a play/pause button - Added News section to Game tab - Made column header for checkbox columns a check all/none checkbox and removed all check all/none links - Added an option to launch the help file in Internet Explorer - Changed tooltips to "hints" for some fields on Game tab - Added preference that allows context menus to move when the mouse wheel is scrolled (since Internet Explorer 8 can open a context menu partially off-screen) - Added "Explorer Folder" context menu option where appropriate - "Problems" changed to more appropriate "Alerts" - "Columns" (arrangement) and "Column Names" functions consolidated under "Preferences" on respective Settings tabs ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs Fixed: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - Removing a player from the tournament via Players tab -> context menu -> "Remove <player> from tournament" does not produce a receipt - (2.5.12): When choosing to rebuy directly after a bust-out, the busted player is not already checked (and should be) - (2.5.12): Data Stores dialog sizing issue if resized manually - "Windows has a problem with this file:, Unknown Publisher" error when starting the software, on Windows 7 with Service Pack 1. Load and save dialogs do not function - In some places, $0.00 will display as {1}.00 if using Internet Explorer 9 - Errors don't always trigger the error dialog if using Internet Explorer 9 - Tournament screen flashes when a background image is used if using Internet Explorer 9 - (2.5.11): The Total in the Take-in section on the Summary tab includes House Contribution, and should not. Consequentially, "Paid in" in the Pot section also includes House Contribution and should not. - (2.5.11): <totalpot1> and <totalpot2> export tokens on the Summary tab should be <preguaranteepot> and <totalpot>, respectively - (2.0): Date format of "MM.DD.YYYY" displays as "11.2.2006" (should display as "11.02.2006") - (2.5.11): "Pause at end of rounds" and "Pause at end of breaks" preferences actually pause the clock upon the start of the following level - (2.5.11): "End of countdown" History item is not added to the tournament history - (2.5.11): Player Rankings, Player Movement, Schedule pages don't center properly on page resize - (2.5.11): Seating Chart screen, in list format, doesn't update when all players are unseated - (2.5.11): Name column on Stats page doesn't change when Name Format preference changes - (2.5.11): "Buy-in player" context menu option on Players tab does not pre-select player - (2.5.11): Quick buy-in player on Players tab sets the Bounty Chip cost even if "Use bounty chips" is disabled - (2.5.11): Players aren't always properly removed from chops when their buy-in is undone - (2.5.11): Chop dialog lists ranks as "0" when performing a manual chop - (2.5.11): A player may not be unseated when the player's tournament history is edited from the Game Player dialog - (2.5.11): A rebuy when the tournament is over does not initiate a table balance - (2.5.11): Temporary files used when printing were not deleted - (2.5.11): Ctrl+F and Ctrl+P do not always work on Help tab - (2.5.11): If the countdown ends (and tournament starts) while the Rounds tab is displayed, the current level indicator doesn't appear - (2.5.11): Closing the Settings dialog using a hotkey (ESC) does not save the last change to the rounds schedule if in spreadsheet mode - (2.5.11): Settings window tabs are not updated when "Reset Everything" option selected on Preferences tab - (2.5.11) Some layout tokens having HTML tables don't update styles properly when more than one of the token is displayed on a screen - (2.5.11) When "Find" is enabled on Player dialogs, the dialogs remember which players are currently checked, so when Find is pressed the results reflect the same checked/not checked status. Likewise, when Reset is pressed the checked/not checked status remains the same. However, when OK is pressed, all players checked are acted upon, regardless of whether or not they are currently displayed in the dialog. This is counter-intuitive. When OK is pressed, only checked players who are currently displayed should be acted upon. - (2.5.11) Player Movement screen doesn't update when a player is edited (change a player's name, merge players, etc) - (2.5.11) Changing a player's internal ID (merge, etc) doesn't update the Last Player Move information - (2.5.11) Setting Section colors on Controls tab doesn't set certain labels, like "Select screen:", "Sound:", and "Volume:" - (2.5.11) Changing Numeric Input Alignment preference doesn't change input alignments on Game tab (if the Game tab has already been visited) until the Settings dialog is closed then re-opened - While not technically a bug, a CSV file that begins with the characters "ID" will be treated differently when opened with Excel; so all CSV exporting now uses quotations around column values - (2.5.11): Padding isn't being set on rows and columns - (2.5.10) Installer folder was incorrect - (2.5.11) Sorting by ID (player field) doesn't work properly - (2.5.11) "Warn if player ID exists" preference doesn't work - (2.5.10) <currenttables> token sorts tables using alpha sort, should use numeric sort - (2.5.10) When sorting Stats, some columns don't fall back on the player's name to break ties - (2.5.10) All inputs for Points values truncate to 2 decimal places - (2.5.10) Buy-in, add-on, undo rebuy, and similar buttons should not be disabled on the Controls tab post-tournament - (2.5.10) When checking or unchecking "Only show hitmen at the same table as the player(s) busting out" on the Bust Players Out dialog, the hitman list could display the wrong list of players (rare) - (2.5.10) Numpad number keys don't work in time inputs (Countdown dialog, Set Clock dialog, and similar dialogs) - (2.5.10) Background images with ampersands (&) in the path do not work - (2.5.10) Resetting a tournament does not reset players' winnings adjustments or points adjustments - (2.5.10) Refreshing stats should always return to page 1 - Settings window size/location not saved on exit (sometimes) - "position" variable calculated incorrectly for manually adjusted chops - when exporting a layout and a file is found that is outside of the current Data Store, a confirmation dialog is presented with the option to continue or cancel, but only an OK button is given - Status Messages sometimes fail to "flash" - In the History section of the Game Player dialog, "Knocked out" events always show a player collecting the bounty chip even if the player was not eligible to collect the bounty chip - "Find" on Remove Players From Tournament dialog broken - Selecting "Allow players to rebuy if not busted" in the Quick Start Wizard does not set the option correctly - The Extended Display dialog sometimes can not move the Game window to the Extended display unless the Game window is first resized - Decimal point and Decimal comma preferences allowed to be set to same value - Changing Name Format preference does not automatically update built-in screens - XML exports do not properly encode special characters - Restoring a backup file does not restore preferences - Formula variables "buyinrake", "rebuyrake", and "addonrake" always set to 0 - Background images for tables are broken when player movement highlighting occurs - Automatic prizes feature, in simple mode, uses number of players in the tournament, not the number of entrants - Automatic prizes feature uses hard-coded prize name if the name attribute is not included in the XML descriptor file - Test All dialog (on Tournament Scoring dialog) "Points" column should be "Score" column Version 2.5.12 ====================================================================== New Features: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - None ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs Fixed: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - "Windows has a problem with this file:, Unknown Publisher" error when starting the software, on Windows 7 with Service Pack 1. Load and save dialogs do not function - In some places, $0.00 will display as {1}.00 if using Internet Explorer 9 - Errors don't always trigger the error dialog if using Internet Explorer 9 - Tournament screen flashes when a background image is used if using Internet Explorer 9 - "Unable to get value of the property 'apply': object is null or undefined" error prevents the software from starting when Internet Explorer 9 is installed (very rare) Version 2.5.11 ====================================================================== New Features: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - Added "Time Shift" feature on Players tab, which can fix the times and dates of a tournament that was run when the PC's clock was incorrect. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs Fixed: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - "Call was rejected by callee" error on Windows 7. Testing did not reveal this to be a problem on any other version of Windows, but the fix should apply for any version of Windows. Version 2.5.10 ====================================================================== New Features: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - None ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs Fixed: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - Fixed exporting of ID field for Lethal Media (Joomla Poker Component) export format Version 2.5.9 ====================================================================== New Features: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - Added tournament export option for Shark Stats website - Added tournament export option for Lethal Media (Joomla Poker Component) website ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs Fixed: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - None Version 2.5.8 ====================================================================== New Features: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - Added preferences for sorting ID field numerically and warning when duplicate IDs are entered - Default sort order on Stats tab changed to descending - Tournament file paths on Stats tab now always show absolute (full) path, not relative to current Data Store ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs Fixed: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - Error when changing language - Preferences were not properly migrated to the data folder - Game window wasn't fully updated when preferences were updated - Minimizing in full-screen mode in Vista or with modified Windows themes could cause window to get resized improperly - Undo buy-in in simple mode caused some tournament parameters to become "NaN" (if preference "Increment by one in simple mode was enabled) - Only one instance of the TD can run at any time, but starting the TD while it was already running could sometimes allow the second instance to start and run in the background. Now starting a second instance should bring the currently running instance into focus - If multiple rakes used, formula variable buyinRake was set to the value of the first rake, not the sum of all of the rakes; also true of addOnRake and rebuyRake variables - The <pointsforplaying> token set an incorrect value for the buyinRake formula variable Version 2.5.7 ====================================================================== New Features: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- None ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs Fixed: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - Error on Seating Chart page when not using table blueprints - Some remaining UI artifacts seen when using Internet Explorer 8 Version 2.5.6 ====================================================================== New Features: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - Data Stores added. Data Stores are location(s) in which the player database and tournament files, templates, etc, are saved. Previous versions saved this data to the folder in which the program is installed. Now the data store location is configurable - PLEASE SEE THE TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR FAQ FOR UPGRADE INFORMATION Because the software looks in a different location for saved data, it can appear as if your player database and saved files are gone. This is not the case and easily remedied. Please view the above FAQ entry for more information ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs Fixed: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - Fixed UI artifacts seen in Internet Explorer version 8 RC 1. Full testing on IE 8 has NOT been completed as IE 8 has not been released yet. However, the Tournament Director does seem to function properly using IE 8 RC 1 - leagueRank Points for Playing variable was off by one if the tournament winner was in the tournament's league - leagueRank variable incremented in Test All tool of Test Points for Playing dialog Version 2.5.5 ====================================================================== New Features: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- None ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs Fixed: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - Load, save, font and color dialogs stopped functioning - Evaluation period can prematurely expire Version 2.5.4 ====================================================================== New Features: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- None ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs Fixed: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - Potential fix for load, save, font and color dialogs not functioning Version 2.5.3 ====================================================================== New Features: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - Added Table Blueprints for displaying dynamic table images on the Seating Chart screen (with players shown at specific locations within the image) - Added printing to Rounds export, Prizes export, Tables export ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs Fixed: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - For Points for Playing and Tournament Scoring formulas, the variable "tnr" (for total number of rebuys) was set to the total number of add-ons; the variable "tna" (for total number of add-ons) was not set - When importing players, an error could occur if the timestamp of the imported file could not be determined (rare) - When editing cell properties, if all global property sets were deleted, an error could occur when tabs were switched (Odd Rounds/ Even Rounds/Breaks tab) (very rare) - If the language was changed, an error could occur when the Help dialog was displayed (very rare) - On the Preferences tab, setting the "Decimal point" to an empty string caused an error (very rare) - On the Quick Start Wizard, if the current tournament settings had changed, a confirmation dialog at the end of the wizard displayed, but the text was missing from the message catalog - New version alert was broken Version 2.5.2 ====================================================================== New Features: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - Added Find and Print features to Help tab and Help dialog - Added print options to Game tab export and Players tab export (more printing directly from the application to be added over time) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs Fixed: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - Quick start wizard had incorrect prize percentage for 2nd place in first prize tier selection - Screen sets did not allow screens to be displayed less than 10 seconds - Error in Import Players wizard if timestamp for imported file cannot be read (rare) - Some changes made on the Game Tab are not immediately reflected in Game Window (rare) - Minimizing the Game Window when in full-screen mode can cause error which prevents the window from being restored to full size (rare) - Resizing the Game Window could cause an error (very rare) Version 2.5.1 ====================================================================== New Features: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - Added ability to rearrange the tabs on the Settings Window - Added "Print" button to Player Movement dialog - Help tab and Help Dialog now use translated user manual, if available - Added "oneof()" formula function - Added Quick Start Wizard - Made a few additional dialogs resizable ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs Fixed: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - Renaming a column by right-clicking on a column and selecting "Rename Column" did nothing - Renamed columns (on Stats and Players tabs) reverted to default names after exiting and restarting the application - Error when editing global layout properties from the Game Window - Error on startup if the default tournament file showed one of the built-in screens (Seating Chart, Player Rankings, etc) first - Error when undoing player add-ons - Settings Window opens a few pixels larger than when it was closed, IE6 only Version 2.5 ====================================================================== New Features: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - Application split into Game Window (displaying Tournament Screen, Seating Chart, etc) and Settings Window. This allows multi-display setups to display the Tournament screen to players at all times, while performing settings modifications, buy-ins, bust-outs, etc, on another screen - Added "Player Movement" page to more easily display player movement to players - Added "Blinds Schedule" page to more easily display the blinds/ rounds schedule to players - Added player table and seat information to Tournament History, at start of tournament for every player, and at bust-out for each player - Added option to add your own entries to the Tournament History - Added option to save Tournament History - Added Seat column to Add-on and Rebuy dialogs - Added "Custom" option to Name Formats - Added option to specify one dimension of a banner image and allow the image to display proportional to original image dimensions - Added "position", "inLeague", "leagueRank", and "numberOfLeagueMembers" variables to Points for Playing and Tournament Score formulas - Added option to disable Status Messages (without creating a new Status Message Set with each message disabled) - Added context-menu options for players on Tables tab (buy-in, bust- out, rebuy, add-on, etc) - Added ability to configure background images for tables on Seating Chart screen - Added feature to highlight recently moved players on the Seating Chart screen; hotkey also added to toggle highlighting mode - Added Restore feature, to restore backups - Added attribute "includeBreaks" to <rebuytimeleft> and <addontimeleft> tokens - Added <inthemoneyrank> token - +60 and -60 buttons added to Hand Timer dialog - Many dialogs overhauled and made resizable - Game names now pulled from single language file key (Settings.Rounds.GameNames); this allows anyone to add, remove, or change any games that are in the list by default - Import players (on Players tab and Database tab) converted to new wizard control (no new functionality, but more familiar feel) - "Default.tlo" layout is now the new default layout. It is the same as the BlueAndGreen.tlo layout (previously the default layout) but contains only the main screen (ie, the default layout has been simplified) - Removed some naming restrictions (for various objects: cells, screens, property groups, sounds, etc; allows for foreign language names) - Added ability to sort Actions of an Event - Added ability to sort Sounds ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs Fixed: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - Number between -1 and 0 (exclusive) were display as positive numbers - Context-menu items (Bust-out player, etc) were broken on Seating Chart screen when displayed in List mode - Error "'dataRow.0' is null or not an object" when a user attempts to import players from an Excel spreadsheet (NOT a CSV file, but from an XSL file - or really from any binary file) - Occasional errors seen at startup when checking web site for latest version - Error when changing language - Error displayed when changing language and a language file is not found; now falls back to English language file for the missing file - If an event was created to pause the clock at 0 seconds, the clock would roll back to 1 second when the event fired - Tournament history entry for setting clock said "Clock set to NaN" - Tournament history entry for removing a player from tournament who had already bought-in said "Undo buy-in for Unknown Player" - Incorrect message displayed when attempting to enter empty string in Unavailable Seat label dialog - Using "numberOfScores" and "s" variable on the Overall Score formula (in the Stats) caused a formula error - Using hotkeys F6 and F10 sometimes caused other hotkeys to stop working momentarily. Using hotkey F5 sometimes attempted to restart the application - Unbalanced tables icon sometimes displayed when in simple (non-tracking) mode - Exporting the layout and overwriting an existing ZIP file did not overwrite the file; instead it added files to the existing ZIP archive - Background images on the Seating Chart and Player Rankings pages were omitted from the layout export - Player movement suggestion sometimes shows immediately after buying player(s) in and having them automatically randomly seated - Tables page in "Problems" dialog showed no players were seated even in simple (non-tracking) mode - Not specifying "rotateMax" and "rotateDelay" attributes in <prizes> token when "rotate" attribute was set to true caused the software to appear to lock-up - Formula test dialogs showed an error in the formula when a new variable was created using the assign() function - Show Last Movement dialog (on Tables tab) rendered incorrectly - Random prizes were not reset when the tournament was reset - CSV export on Stats tab ignored "Include column headers" checkbox, always included column headers ====================================================================== Version 2.4.3 ====================================================================== New Features: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - None. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs Fixed: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - Events triggered by "A level starts" were not triggered at the start of the first round (only events triggered by "The tournament starts" would be triggered). - Editing properties of a league (name and description) would remove all players from the league. - Busting players out in Simple Mode the "rank" and "position" variables weren't set if a hotkey was used to bust-out (buttons within the layout used to bust a player out worked). ====================================================================== Version 2.4.2 ====================================================================== New Features: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - Added option to automatically, randomly seat players as they buy-in. This option ignores the table balancing algorithm and simply randomly distributes players at buy-in throughout your defined tables. - Added <tablename> and <seatnumber> tokens to receipts (only useful if using the above new feature or players are pre-seated before buy-in). - Added dialog to easily prioritize Events. - Merged "Table" and "Seat" columns on Player Movement and Bust-Out dialogs into one column "Seat". Added an option on the Player Movement dialog to omit the "Current Seat" column and just display player names and the seat to which they are moving. - Formulas can now use "not" as well as "!" for negation. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs Fixed: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - When busting players out in Simple Mode (non-player tracking), Events could not make use of "rank" and "position" variables. - "Clock still paused" sound events weren't properly upgraded to an Event. - Updated some of the pre-defined Events to be more specific (prevents firing during countdown). - Database, Stats, and Players tabs still displayed same number of players per page even if window size was adjusted. - Sorting by ID on Players tab doesn't work. - When busting players out, Tournament History doesn't record the hitman. - Fixed a few (unreported) issues related to switching language catalogs. - Fixed some minor display issues related to randomly awarded prizes. ====================================================================== Version 2.4.1 ====================================================================== New Features: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- None. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs Fixed: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - When a Sounds template from a previous version was loaded (or a saved tournament file was loaded), some sound events were not properly converted to Events. - Some actions (busting players out, for example) could initiate multiple events. - "rank" and "position" variables not properly set for some events. - Chops sometimes were initiated when busting multiple players out who did not receive prizes. - Table Collapse Order dialog sometimes displayed duplicate table names. ====================================================================== Version 2.4 ====================================================================== New Features: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - The Sounds tab is now the Events tab. Events can now play sounds, display messages, and perform other actions, and are much more configurable than in previous versions. - "includeBountyChip" attribute added to "rebuyfee" token (like "buyin" token). - Table and Buy-in Time columns added to Players tab. - "textIfBreak" attribute to "nextgamename", "namegametype", "nextsmallblind", "nextbigblind", "nextante", "nextlimit1", and "nextlimit2" tokens, which overrides the value if the next level is a break. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs Fixed: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - Some sound events occassionally played twice. - Auto prizes did not work correctly in simple (non-player tracking) mode. - Game tab wasn't properly updated after changing the number of rakes being used. - For tournaments with a fixed rake, if a player who did not buy-in to the tournament but had their Points or Winnings adjusted (such as for penalizing a player who does not show up for a tournament), the fixed rake was still partially allocated to the player (only on the Stats tab). - The column chooser when exporting from the Stats tab sometimes showed some incorrect column names. - "Don't prompt for rebuys after bust-outs for the remainder of the tournament" option unchecked the Allow Rebuys setting, giving the impression that rebuys were never allowed during the tournament. - The League and Season selectors on the Game tab were not properly updated when leagues and/or seasons were updated on the Database tab. - Some information on the Tournaments Info dialog on the Stats tab gives values "NaN" when no tournaments pass the filter. - The Fixed Rake, when configured as a percentage of the pot, was calculating from the Take In amount instead of the actual Prize Pool amount. - Edit Membership for League on Database tab listed some names in encoded format. - "smallblind" and "bigblind" tokens showed "NaN" on break levels. ====================================================================== Version 2.3.7 ====================================================================== New Features: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- None ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs Fixed: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - "'mDBViewPlayers.length' is null or not an object" occasionally seen when selecting Database tab (again) ====================================================================== Version 2.3.6 ====================================================================== New Features: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- None ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs Fixed: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - "'mDBViewPlayers.length' is null or not an object" occasionally seen when selecting Database tab - When adding or deleting Leagues or Seasons, changes did not show on the Game tab until the application was exited and restarted ====================================================================== Version 2.3.5 ====================================================================== New Features: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - Added player, pot, rake, add-on, and rebuy information to Info dialog on Stats tab - Added a preference for specifying the Score and Overall Score precision (number of digits displayed after the decimal point) - Added caching code to reduce lag when changing tabs on the Settings page ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs Fixed: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - Links tab on Settings page was broken - If a player had been added to a tournament and seated (using the Seat Players button or normal table balancing), then removed from the tournament, pressing the Show Last Balance button produced an error - Added <home> and <tdfolder> tokens (synonymous) that expand to the full (absolute) path to the Tournament Director folder. This should resolve issues when specifying relative paths to image files in HTML in cells. ====================================================================== Version 2.3.4 ====================================================================== New Features: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - Loading and saving templates now remembers last filename used - Added "Round Out" variable to Points for Playing formula - Added a reminder to the splash screen to disable the screen saver ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs Fixed: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - "arguments.caller.callee" error seen on some dialogs - Layout export sometimes misidentified files as not being in a location relative to the Tournament Director installation folder ====================================================================== Version 2.3.3 ====================================================================== New Features: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - Added "Cancel, disable rebuys" option to "Rebuy after Bust-out (Override)" to prevent the dialog from appearing after every bust-out) - Added attributes to <prizes> token to "rotate" the prize display, displaying a portion of the prize list for a few seconds, then changing to display another portion of the prize list, etc. - Added layout "export" option, which exports the layout and all embedded image files, and optionally the sounds template and sound files and/or chips template and chip image files, as a ZIP file to faciliate relocating (sharing) layouts - Added preference for remembering dialog screen locations (and opening them in their last position each time) to aid in dual- screen displays ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs Fixed: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - Sound event that plays when the clock is paused continued playing even after the tournament had ended - Viewing stats in "Single field mode" could show no stats for some tournaments - Setting a collapse order for tables and then renaming a table could cause an error when table balancing - Embedded images can now be saved in the "images" folder and referenced using a relative path (full-path no longer required) ====================================================================== Version 2.3.2 ====================================================================== New Features: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- None ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs Fixed: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - The <pointsforplaying> token was caching its value, so using the token more than one time on the screen displayed the same even if different attributes were applied - Updated <pointsforplaying> token to accept a range string for the "ranks" attribute - Screen Background dialog had incorrect text for overriding display of cell borders - Property Group conditions dialog did not display inputs for some conditional values - Rebuys and Add-ons performed while in simple mode (non player tracking mode) did not update the pot - The option to override the conditions preventing rebuys was not displayed for rebuys performed during the bust-out process - An error could be displayed when the final table was reached if a table collapse order had been specified and a final table had been designated ====================================================================== Version 2.3.1 ====================================================================== New Features: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- None ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs Fixed: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - Stats were incorrectly calculated - Values on the "Average" line (Avg) on the Stats tab were rounded to nearest whole number - The "Sum" column, which is only displayed on the Stats tab when in Single Field view mode, was allowed to be displayed when in Normal view mode, distorting the data - The Problems dialog did not display correct language identifying some problems - <pointsforplaying> ignored the lower-bound of the "ranks" attribute ====================================================================== Version 2.3 ====================================================================== New Features: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Tables - Players who have not bought-in to the tournament may now be seated - Added feature to randomly set the dealer button at start of tournament - Added ability to sort in different ways the players on the Player Movement (table balancing) dialog - Added the ability to control table collapse/elimination order - Increased the table name maximum length - Updated the Tables Export to allow sorting by name, or by table & seat Game - Updated Fixed Rake to accept fixed amounts or percentage amounts - Reduced the size of the "Notes" field and added an input for the Points for Playing formula; allows modifying the Points for Playing formula without opening the Test Points for Playing dialog - Separated the variables on the Test Points for Playing dialog into Player and Tournament sections - Added assign() function to formulas, which allows the assignment of values to variables; this can significantly simplify some formulas, while simultaneously allowing formulas to be more powerful - Added switch() function to formulas, which eliminates the need for long strings of if() functions - Added "prizepool" variable (pp) to Points for Playing - Added "inthemoneyrank" variable (mr) to Points for Playing, which represents the lowest rank a player must achieve to be "in the money" (also represents the number of players who will rank "in the money") - Added "total number of rebuys for all players" and "total number of add-ons for all players", "rebuys rake", and others to Points for Playing variables - Filename of current tournament now displayed on Game tab Tournament Page - Added "showPoints" and "showCash" attributes to <rankings> token - Added an optional confirmation for "Next Round" and "Previous Round" actions - Added <totalrake> token, displaying the value of the collected rake - Added actions to <tdbutton> token to go to the Player Rankings page or the Seating Chart page, or to any user-defined layout screen - Added action to <tdbutton> to stop all currently playing sounds - Added "includeBountyChip" attribute to <buyin> token - Added <unseated> token, which displays the count of players currently not seated - Added <prize> token to display a specific prize - Added <bustsuntilmoney> token indicating how many busts must occur before all remaining players are "in the money" - Attributes added to the level information tokens (such as <smallblind>, <bigblind>, <ante>, etc) to specify for which level to display information - Updated "ranks" attribute on <pointsforplaying> token to accept "all" as an upper-limit Stats - Added a "default" filter that accepts all tournaments, players, leagues, and seasons - Added "Single Field view mode" on Stats tab, which displays the values of a single data field (such as Points) for each player, for each tournament - Cash and Points adjustments (made on the Player dialog on the Players tab) now take effect even if the player does not buy-in to the tournament; (this can allow, for example, for a player to be penalized if they don't show up for a tournament) - Double-clicking an income source on the Player Income dialog opens the corresponding Tournament Info dialog, indicating from which tournament a particular portion of income originated - Added a stat indicating the number of times a player has reached the final table - Added additional information to the Tournament Info dialog (double-click a tournament on the Tournaments Info dialog on the Stats tab) - Added "Playing Time", which accumulates the time the player was actually "in" the tournament(s) in which he participated - Scoring on Stats tab now utilizes formulas. A formula can be used to create a score for each player/tournament, and an additional formula can be used to calculate an overall score from a player's tournament scores. Up to 5 overall scores can be generated (as an example, this can be used to display a player's overall score utilizing all tournament scores, and also what a player's overall score would be if the best and worst scores are dropped) - The selected Stats filter is now saved as part of preferences - Added a Reason on the Tournament Info dialog stating the reason a tournament did not pass the filter Players - Added "Income Sources" button to Edit Game Player dialog, and added bounty chips and cash income sources - Added Random Player dialog to assist in picking player(s) at random; also added hotkey mapping and <tdbutton> token action to open the dialog from the Tournament pages - Added ability to NOT track players; this brings back functionality from version 1.3.x in which individual players are not added to the tournament, but only the number of players is specified. Bust-outs simply reduce the number of players in the tournament by one - Updated Adjust Rankings dialog to allow changing the tournament end time - Added "Playing Time", which accumulates the time the player was actually "in" the tournament(s) in which he participated Database - Players can now be added to the tournament directly from the Database tab; players that are in the current tournament are highlighted in red - Added an additional player information field named "ID" - Information comment added to backup ZIP files General - Internationalized the application; no translation has been done, but the application can by fully or partially translated by anyone - Added a "Remove License" button to the Register dialog, making it easier to transport the software using a flash drive (for example) - Added a visual reminder indicating that Auto save is not enable - Added support for stats tracking website - Added support for stats tracking website Sounds - Added "Import Sounds" feature to quickly import many sound files at once - Added sound event that plays continuously (every so many seconds) while the clock is paused (audio reminder to unpause the clock) - Added ability to mute sounds Seating Chart - Updated "List Format" mode so that column titles remain visible on the page even if the list scrolls - Added setting to alternate background colors in "List Format" mode - Added display of dealer button to Seating Chart page Preferences - Added preferences "Pause at start of rounds" and "Pause at start of breaks" - Added preference to right- or left-align numeric amounts - Added preference to auto-save after major events (bust-out, buy-in, round change, etc) - Added preference to specify the display precision of points (that is, display points as whole numbers, or as 1.1, or 1.15, etc) - Added additional Name Formats - Updated Status Messages to allow absolute positioning - Added creating/printing receipts (for buy-ins, rebuys, etc) - Added preference for searching on all player dialogs (Add Players to Tournament, Buy Players In, Bust Players Out, Rebuy Players, etc) - Added preference to specify the number of seconds that the clock automatically pauses between levels Prizes - Added new prize types "Award to random player" and "Award as bounty on random player" Layout - Updated Insert Token to pre-select appropriate token if the token text is properly highlighted - Added "Find" button to Cell Properties dialog which displays the screens in which the cell is included - Insert Token dialog updated to display information about each attribute on the dialog (no longer need to hover over an attribute name to see tooltip); Checkboxes added to facilitate adding only the attributes you wish Player Rankings - Added option to turn off display of seconds in Time Out column Chips - Added display of the maximum players a chipset and chip allocation will accommodate ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs Fixed: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - Added check all / check none links to some dialogs (some were missing these links) - Changing the Fixed Rake didn't always cause the tournament financials to be recalculated - Saving a Tables template didn't retain Unavailable seats - If seats are marked as unavailable, an unbalanced tables state could be triggered when the tables were actually in balance - Animated image files sometimes caused an error on dialogs where image files were selected - Deleting all screens/screensets and displaying the Tournament page resulted in an error - On the Tournament page, right-clicking on a player and selecting "Undo Buy-in" caused an error - Deleting all screens of a layout and then deleting a cell caused an error - The tournament Save button (on the Game tab) shows the tournament filename as its tooltip, but it wasn't being set upon entering the Game tab - The "in the money" formula variable (m) was not properly calculated when compiling Stats - The Backup feature did not include sub-folders and files - The <pointsforplaying> token only processed long-name variables (for example, "rank" but not "r") - The Tournament Page wasn't automatically updated when adding and buying-in players at once - Context-menu on the Seating Chart page allowed rebuying a player who had never bought-in - Status display wasn't updated when the Auto Prizes feature was turned off - The Add Players dialog, when invoked by a hotkey, wasn't setting the default League properly - Using the Adjust Rankings dialog and moving a player to 2nd place could set their bust-out time to after the tournament end time - Copying a Screen did not copy the Screen's background image - When an estimated pot was used, exporting the prizes still displayed the prize amounts using the real pot value ====================================================================== Version 2.2.2 ====================================================================== New Features: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- None ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs Fixed: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - This release has a potential fix for a graphic artifact that appears in the middle of the screen for some users; clicking on this artifact can cause it to disappear, but also causes the clock page to stop updating. ====================================================================== Version 2.2.1 ====================================================================== New Features: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - Seats can now be marked as "unavailable" - Add-ons and rebuys can now be purchased before the start of the tournament - Points for Playing formula variable "inthemoney" added (true if the player is "in the money", or has won a ranked prize, false otherwise) - After initial Refresh Tourneys (Stats tab), pressing Refresh Tourneys again only loads updated tournament files (much faster) - Added an export option to Tables export to highlight players sitting at a specific table when exporting in Player List format - Added "Stretch horizontally" option to Player Rankings page to stretch the table to fit the width of the screen ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs Fixed: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - The last change to the text of a Rules Token was not saved if the Save Template button was pressed before changing the token selection or moving to a different tab and then back to the Rules tab - For the Tournament Export feature (on the Game tab), the <elapsedtime> and <playingtime> tokens displayed incorrect values - The Points for Playing formula did not recognize formula functions or variables that were not in all lowercase - Player Income dialog on the Stats tab had a number of bugs - Some users saw an error upon entering Player Rankings or Seating Chart page, and page was never rendered properly - If the system font sizes are increased, some dialogs did not display OK/Cancel/Apply buttons - Dragging a player from the Unseated Players pane and dropping onto a seated player could cause an error - Editing a chop from the Adjust Rankings dialog gave an error - Stats Filter Dialog didn't recognize dates of the format "YYYY-MM-DD" ====================================================================== Version 2.2 ====================================================================== New Features: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - Cells, rows and columns now each have their own background image property - Cells, rows and columns now each have their own set of HTML styles that can be applied - All "lists" now have adjustable columns with column headers/titles that remain in view when the list is scrolled - Column names remain visible on Player Rankings page when the list scrolls - Columns on Players tab, Stats tab, and Player Rankings tab can be renamed - Most player list dialogs now respond to hotkeys (for example, pressing R jumps to the first player name beginning with R) - Added hotkey actions for jumping directly to any tab on the Settings page - Added option to sort Player Rankings by chip count (sort by rank first, then chip count) - Added "Backup preferences" to backup options - Added preferences to remove paging from Players, Database, and Stats tabs - Added add-on and rebuy counts to the Add-on Player and Rebuy Player dialogs - Added each player's table and seat to Bust Player Out dialog - Added <rebuytimeleft>, <addontimeleft> and <inlinerankings> tokens - Added warnings to Problems dialog for under-allocated and over-allocated pot - Added "orient" attribute to <chipleaders> token - Added ability to accept partial player movement suggestions - Added Income Sources dialog to Stats Player dialog that displays a breakdown of the player's money and points and how they were earned - Updated the prize suggestions and automatic prizes configuration files schema to include additional configuration attributes - Updated various layout tokens to include roundOff and roundOffPoints attributes - Added Undo/Redo buttons to Tables tab - Added an export option on the Tables tab to export the players alphabetically by name along with their seating assignments - Added an "Apply" button to the Prize dialog to allow changes to be immediately seen without needing to close the dialog - Updated the player history to display hits - Added the ability to insert or undo add-ons, rebuys, and bust-outs directly within a player's history - Added volume control - Added the ability to buy players into the tournament at the same time they are added to the tournament - Added <timestamp> token to all HTML export features - Added <actionsummary> and <history> to Tournament export (Game tab) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs Fixed: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - If "Automatically suggest table movements" preference was disabled, the Unbalanced Tables icon didn't always display - Manually initiating a table balance from the Tournament Page, Seating Chart page, or the Player Rankings Page did nothing - Hit count (and other) data could be inaccurate if players in the tournament performed a rebuy while still in the tournament - An error sometimes occurred when importing players into the database or the tournament - Tournament history text was truncated for the action of buying players into the tournament - Selected league was not set when adding a new player to the database - Some areas of the software incorrectly displayed values that had fractional parts of less than .1 - Fixed some minor display bugs in some dialogs - An occur sometimes occurred when minimizing the window (when in full-screen mode) - An error occurred when the hotkey corresponding to the Set Chip Counts dialog was pressed with no players having yet bought-in - Fixed a minor "Merge Players" bug - Players tab and Stats tab column choosers displayed "BuyinRakeN", "FixedRakeN", "RebuysRakeN", and "AddOnsRakeN" instead of using the rake name, and only displayed one rake if multiple rakes were defined - Stats tab mistook other files with names of length 4 for tournament files - The Balance Tables dialog and the Show Last Player Movement dialog did not scroll horizontally when the table was wider than the dialog (with very long player names) - Stats did not consider adjustments to winnings, and therefore a player's winnings were incorrect on the Stats tab if (and only if) the player's winnings were adjusted in any of the tournaments for which they accumulated statistics - Bounty chips weren't properly awarded if the player purchased a bounty chip (at initial buy-in or a rebuy) and then purchased a rebuy without first busting out of the tournament - Fixed some text-wrap issues on the Summary tab - Fixed a bug in the auto-resize feature that kept some layout components from resizing - Fixed a bug in which custom tokens weren't updated at round changes - Removed the ability to set or reset the clock before the tournament starts - Fixed a bug that caused the program to crash after a set of Microsoft security patches were installed - Fixed sounds to use relative paths (making sound templates portable) - When using an estimated pot, the Shared values weren't updated when set to 0 - Insert Token/Insert Image buttons on Cell Properties dialog now insert at the current cursor position ====================================================================== Version 2.1.2 ====================================================================== This is a bug-fix release only. When tournaments saved with version 2.0 are loaded into 2.1 or 2.1.1, math functions used in the Points for Playing formula would have "Math." prepended to them, causing the function to error. This version fixes this issue. ====================================================================== Version 2.1.1 ====================================================================== This is a bug-fix release only. Version 2.1 introduced an issue with sound events. Sound events "at the start of round __", "at the end of round __", "at the start of break __", and "at the end of break __" did not work. As a result, sound events occurring at specific times of the clock could fail, and parts of the screen could fail to be properly updated. This release fixes those issues. ====================================================================== Version 2.1 ====================================================================== New Features: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - Nickname is no longer a required player field. For any player, you must supply either a Nickname or a First name. - Import players into your tournament from a CSV file. This is identical to importing players into your database, which was already a feature. Now you can import directly into your tournament, if you do not wish to utilize the Tournament Director's database. - Added a spreadsheet-like view on the Rounds tab. This view makes changing values across multiple rounds very efficient. - Added option to allow players to rebuy before busting out of the tournament. - Points for playing formula system overhauled: - Formulas are more robust - All formula variables now have meaningful alternates. For example, "r" or "rank" can be used for a player's rank. "n" or "numberOfPlayers" can be used for the number of players in the tournament. - New variables added: - Buy-in cost - Rebuy cost - Add-on cost - Bounty chip cost - Total cost - Total rake - Prize winnings - Bounty winnings - Total winnings - Take - Added the ability to configure your own prize suggestions. - Added "Automatic Prizes" feature. When this feature is on, the software automatically uses suggested prizes, and the number of prizes awarded is automatically updated as players buy-in (or you undo their buy-in). - Added "Locked" attribute to prizes. When you lock a prize, the software is prevented from overwriting the prize if you use the prize suggestion tool, or the automatic prizes feature. This allows you to, for example, have a bounty on a returning champion and still use the automatic prize feature. - Added checkbox for each prize to denote whether or not the prize should be dispayed on the Tournament page. - Added Email Addresses export option for Players tab and Database tab. - New layout tokens added: - numberoflevels - Displays the number of levels defined - numberofrounds - Displays the nubmer of rounds defined - numberofbreaks - Displays the nubmer of breaks defined - totaltime - Displays the total amount of time defined in the schedule - totalplayingtime - Displays the total amount of time dedicated to rounds defined in the schedule - totalbreaktime - Displays the total amount of time dedicated to breaks defined in the schedule - elapsedbreaktime - Displays the amount of time elapsed that was spent in breaks since the tournament started - Optimized tournament saving; reduced save time by nearly 50%. - Added preference to automatically pause the clock when the Tournament Director suggests player movement. - Added Opacity to Status Messages. - When you drag a player from one seat to another, and the destination seat is already occupied, the TD now presents a dialog of options, instead of dropping the player into the first available seat. - Added context-menu options to insert and delete seats at a table. - Preference added to display numeric input values in a plain, or unadorned, manner. This option removes commas and monetary symbols from input values. - Worked around an Internet Explorer bug to reopen the Help and Hotkeys dialogs in the same location that they were last in. - Added dialog for quickly setting "Paid in Full" on multiple players, and added hotkey for quick access. - Added dialog for quickly resetting the duration of every round and/or break. - Added stats showing the number of times a player has busted out at each rank. Added "First", "Second", and "Third" columns to Stats tab, so you can quickly see how many times a player has ranked in the top 3 spots. - Added preferences for specifying the export templates to use. - Added elapsed time and playing time to tournament export fields. - New sound events added: - when [n] seconds are left on the clock during a countdown - when a player busts out in the money - when a player busts out on the bubble - when a player busts out with rank [n] - when a player is [n]th player to bust out - "Bounties Kept" and "Bounty Money Kept" fields added to to Players Tab and Stats Tab - "Number of columns" property added to Seating Chart page properties. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs Fixed: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - When more than one screen set or property set matched the given tournament conditions, the first set should be used (as described in the user manual), but was not necessarily being chosen. - Sign-in sheet was using the checkmark image for players who had already paid. This only works if the exported sign-in sheet was located in proper location in the filesystem. The checkmark image is no longer used, to avoid broken images. - Export of Action Summary (on Summary tab) has been updated to use carriage return + linefeeds for end-of-line. - Certain banner set configurations could cause an error to display on the Game tab. - An error could occur if moving to the Summary tab and then to a different tab very quickly. - If the "Buy-ins" value was set on the Chips tab when no chips or chipsets were defined, an error could occur. - If multiple rakes are defined, pressing the Rake button on the rebuy player dialog (immediately after a player busts out) caused an error. - Duplicate hotkey action error always displayed when editing an existing hotkey. - An error was seen if a player who was part of a prize chop was deleted from the tournament - Error displayed if, when editing a database player, the player's first and last name were changed such that they matched those of another existing player. - The Copy button on the Status Messages dialog did not copy the Flash attribute. - The Set Per-Player dialog on the Chips tab did not accept non- integer values for chips. - Tournament sounds did not play for some users. - When multiple sound events exist for the same event, the Tournament Director will choose one at random when the event occurs. However, for the start/end of round/break event, the first sound event found (matching the event) was played instead of a random one. - Multiple sound events were played simultaneously when a rebuy was purchased. - The <tables> token displayed "1x1" instead of "2x1" when the tournament was down to 2 players. - Use of the "=" operator in the Conditions dialog (when editing Screen Sets or a Cell) caused an error. - Bounty was awarded to the winner(s) of a tournament even if bounties were not used in the tournament (bounty money awarded was 0, so winnings, etc, were unaffected) - Bounty money kept was not added to total winnings on Stats Tab. - Deleting a level could cause the tournament to start. ====================================================================== Welcome to The Tournament Director 2.0! What's new in 2.0? A lot. Version 2 represents a nearly complete re-write of the software, yet it retains the same familiar look and easy to use interface. Here are just a few highlights: - Player database - Tournament season statistics - Improved layout with more tournament information, multiple screens, cells and screens that respond to your tournament state, banners, background images and more - More flexible prizes, prize rounding, estimated pot tools, and prize chops - Guaranteed pot, house contributions, formulas for awarding points, multiple rakes, player bounties - Tables of different sizes, advanced table balancing, player seat locks, dealer button relative balancing, drag-and-drop player movement, final table designation - Chip and chipset calculator - Rankings adjustments - User-definable hotkeys - Extensive help built-in A Start Menu shortcut has been installed to view the documentation, or you can read it right from the program on the Help tab.