Author Topic: Need add points formula ability on prizes  (Read 2010 times)


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Need add points formula ability on prizes
« on: March 27, 2006, 07:22:28 AM »
going to start my own family tournament tournament. I am using basically the same format of a poker club i belong too with a few added changes to it.

I am going to award the normal point: 1 point for playing and get a point for each perosn that is knock out of the tournament before you.

now I want to be able to award additional point for the prize money earned. I want to use the formula as: 1/entry fee * Prize *2

Currently for what this formula does is it gives 10% of the prize money award as point for a $20 entry fee.

now I am just starting out and a lot of players havent played a tournament before so I am going to begin at a $1 enrty and as they get more experienced move up the entry fee. Or maybe have a once in a while a higher entry fee.  However using the 10% of the prize money and having a variable enrty would give the winner of the higher prize money  more points.  so this forumula gives the same points for a $1 entry fee or for a $100 entry fee. I feel this is more fair for how I am going to run my tournaments.

and if there was a formula it woudl remove one of the things as tournament director to do.

thank you for the consideration