Author Topic: Adjust finishing position after tournament finished  (Read 287 times)


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Adjust finishing position after tournament finished
« on: November 16, 2022, 04:53:38 PM »
I busted the wrong person out early and didnít realise until final table. I carried on with the wrong person using the others name. How do I amend this after the comp has finished? We have a points system and formula so need to adjust for the league.

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Re: Adjust finishing position after tournament finished
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2022, 05:20:55 PM »
There are a couple of options.

You can adjust use the adjust rankings feature on the Players tab to simply move players up or down in the rankings.  This basically swaps bust-out times, which will rank your players correctly, but won't adjust who busted out whom.  You can then edit each player's history (edit the player on the Game tab, scroll down to the history section, right-click on a bust-out and select Edit Bust-out) to fix the hitman.  The times won't be exactly right but should be relatively close.

You can undo bust-outs until you get to the right player, then re-bust out players in the correct order (and selecting the correct hitman each time).  This will fix the rankings and keep the correct bust-outs for each player.  Bust-out times will now be recent, so won't really line up with the tournament time (for example the tournament may have been played a week ago, so it will have a start time of a week ago but some bust-outs happened today, so the tournament lasted a week).  Many people won't care, it's the relative times that matter, but some folks might care about this.

Or, if you simply mixed up two players, you can swap them.  For example if I had players Bert and Ernie and I meant to bust out Bert but accidentally busted-out Ernie, and then treated Bert as if it were Ernie for the rest of the tournament, you can swap those two players.  If your players are NOT in your database (and thus have just been added as new players to the tournament), you can simply rename them with the correct names (rename Bert to Ernie, and rename Ernie to Bert).  If they are in your database, you can "unmerge" the player and then "merge" them with the correct player to swap.  To perform this swap, edit player Bert on the Players tab and press the Unmerge button.  Then press OK.  This will unlink the tournament player Bert from the database player Bert.  Bert's name on the Players tab will change from regular type to italics to indicate Bert is now a non-database player.  Then do the same with Ernie.  Now both Bert and Ernie are no longer linked with the database.  Now edit Bert again and press the Merge button.  Select Ernie from your database.  Then edit Ernie in your tournament and press the Merge button, then select Bert from your database.  Now they are swapped.