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Silver Owl:
Corey, I loaded a saved tournament goto layout - design mode and load a screen that has a iframe reference - close the settings screen and wait for the green banner to disappear it seems to lockup, pressing esc or F11 does nothing. I tested this on other screens without iframe and everything seems to work.

Corey Cooper:
Hmm, how did you recover when it locked up?

I ask because I did discover one minor issue right after I released it, where when a window is closed the parent window doesn't immediately focus.  For some reason this doesn't happen on my Win7 PC or on one of my Win10 PCs, but does happen on another Win10 PC.  No idea why.  When you close the Settings window, and then try to open it again by pressing the ESC key, it could seem like it's locked up, but that's just because the main window doesn't have focus, so your ESC presses aren't received.  You just have to click on the window again to bring it back into focus.

Silver Owl:
I have to close the program and restart. I think you are right about losing focus but clicking anywhere on the screen does nothing.
I think it has something to do with iframe. I am going to try again with the same screen and then remove the iframe content and see if it changes.

Corey Cooper:
Yeah I had to do some work to get the iframes working properly, but context menus and hotkeys should work, even from the iframe.  Now, if your layout has embedded iframes in it, it might not.  It won't recursively dig down and find all iframes and try to make hotkeys and context menus work.  In fact, it can't, due to security restrictions.  If your layout has an iframe in it, it is considered from a different "domain" and access is limited.

Silver Owl:
OK, i just tried the same screen again and got the same result, I then removed the iframe reference and tried again and everything worked. Seems iframe is causing the problem. Let me know if there is something else you want me to try/do.


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