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Title: Each Players Starting Table
Post by: Guzzler on April 17, 2018, 03:17:32 PM
Is there any way the program can export, at the tournament's end, each players final position along with the table they began the game with?  I don't care about player movement, final tables, etc. - I simply need to know the table they started at.

(The reason being that our league has grown to be too large, and thus we split the games in two.  Thus, Tables 1-5 play one game, and Tables 6-10 play a separate game.  If I could export the players with simply their name, finish, and starting table, I could then sort based on the table and determine "final rankings" for each game using simple Excel formulas.)

Your help is, as always, appreciated.
Title: Re: Each Players Starting Table
Post by: Corey Cooper on April 17, 2018, 06:44:56 PM
Unfortunately no, because the application doesn't keep tracking of starting table, ending table, etc.  Only current table.

You can find the starting table/seat in the Tournament History (press the History button on the Game tab).  But you'd have to collate the data yourself.
Title: Re: Each Players Starting Table
Post by: Guzzler on April 19, 2018, 10:09:23 PM
I've seen a couple of other posts asking similar questions.  If the data is there, why not include this into the program?
Title: Re: Each Players Starting Table
Post by: Corey Cooper on April 20, 2018, 11:42:49 AM
Player seating is recorded in the tournament history at tournament start.  There are preferences to record accepted player movement suggestions and manual player movement in the tournament history, but those are relatively recent additions.

Keep in mind that this is recorded in what is essentially a human readable log, not a program friendly format.  It certainly could be kept, but there has not been, historically, much interest in this.
Title: Re: Each Players Starting Table
Post by: Guzzler on April 25, 2018, 07:07:51 AM
The problem with the "human readable log" is that, even after the data is exported, I will still have to manually enter each players table to determine which game they are playing.

While adding this would certainly benefit myself and a few others, I have seen numerous posts asking about Shootout tournaments (which I also run), and this would be a definite plus to run and track those type of events.

I hope to this this in a future TD going forward.  I thank you again for the quick response!!
Title: Re: Each Players Starting Table
Post by: Guzzler on July 08, 2021, 01:44:32 PM
So, with COVID having put a stop to our little league for over a year now, I've gone back to the topic above to try to make TD work for our league.  Right now, I'm only utilizing the clock and blinds from this program, and would love to dive into the any more features this program has to offer!  I've come up with another idea that I'm hoping TD can help with.

Is there a way for TD to keep track of a players finish based on their table?  For example, we have 60 players, broken down into two games of 30 players each.  I would then create two tables of 30 players, and would only need to know what position they finished within their table, as opposed to the game as a whole.
Title: Re: Each Players Starting Table
Post by: Corey Cooper on July 16, 2021, 10:40:50 AM
I guess all that is needed is for the application to store each player's starting table and seat.  You could then view this info on the Players tab, including sorting by Starting Seat.  Would that be enough or do you envision a different type of reporting?  I'm thinking the custom sort feature that is available on the Player Rankings screen could be added to the Players tab as well (and maybe Database and Stats, potentially).
Title: Re: Each Players Starting Table
Post by: Guzzler on July 21, 2021, 09:20:25 PM
There are two ways this could work in my situation...

The first (and easiest one for me) would be to have TD store each players finish within their own table.  As mentioned, two tables of 30, and then I would just need to know where everyone finished within their table of 30.  Then I could create a points formula for the TD to keep track of each players points, based on where they finished within that table!  That would be a great start for me!

The second (and easiest one for you) would be to simply have TD store each players starting table so that, when I export the stats from the game, I can then sort through MS Excel which game each player was in based on their starting seat and where they finished within the game.

Right now, I only use TD for the clock function (along with my single player home games).  I keep track of all players and eliminations through Excel, sort, keep track of stats, points, wins, final tables, etc. all through Excel.  See (not trying to promote, just trying to show you the work involved) for an insight on all the stats kept.  All sorted individually, through Excel.