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Multiple Screens Viewing Different Displays


Hello All!

Sorry if I am posting a routinely asked question, but I could not find what I am looking for in my search. I will be starting up my home games again after 7 years or so. I plan to have 3+ screens in addition to my laptop. I would like for one of these to simply show our blind schedule so that my players can plan their play accordingly. NOTE: My laptop will leverage a docking station that will have two HDMI outputs.

In version 3.7 can you show the primary tournament screen over HDMI Output 1, while showing another view such as Blind Schedule, seating chart etc out HDMI Output 2?

Corey Cooper:
No, this is currently not possible.  The current version has a single "Game window" for display to players, and a separate "Settings window" for configuration and operation.  They can be moved to separate displays, but there's no way currently to open another "Game window".

It is on my to-do list for version 4.  But it will require some serious re-architecture.  I hope I can make it happen.

One thing you can try is using TeamViewer software.  Desktop versions of the software run on the PC with the TD software.  Then it can be shared with another PC/Laptop or a Tablet or phone using the Teamviewer app.

Hey Corey,

For my specific need I think Iíll just take a screenshot of my blinds and just broadcast the image to the appropriate TV.


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